First Hydroponic Grow. Need Help Germinating

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    I just recently put together my whole setup, which is as follows:

    4x2 flood table

    (8) 1 gallon "phat sacks" (knockoff smart pots) (fabric grow bags)

    50/50 coco/perlite mix

    20 gallon Reservoir

    Airstones and air pump

    GH flora series Nutrients

    Top-Drip system (no timer)

    600 watt hps/metal halide light system


    I watered the coco/perlite with quite a bit of Reverse Osmosis water (with about 30% runoff) to moisten it for seed germination (i prefer putting seeds directly in, no pre-soak) but the pots stayed very moist on the bottom for more than 24 hours and I am hesitating with planting my seeds because i dont want to waterlog my seedling when they sprout. Also, i need tips on fertilizing the seedlings because my coco/perlite has no nutes at all.

    I would appreciate any advice on making my current setup work, preferably well.

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