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First hydroponic autoflower closet grow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by saveferris0330, Aug 8, 2015.

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    This is my first autoflower attempt. I have.

    One autoflower femanized Sweet seeds- fast bud automatic.

    6500k cfl and 150 watt hps

    Fan and airstones.

    Flora series nutes plus gh rapid root also cal mag and 5.8 ph at all times

    24 hr light ..

    am I starting LST properly? Any suggestions on anything I can change before I upgrade lights and add more sites.

    This is day 14 . any suggestions??

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    That rapid root is amazing!! Here are some from earlier in her life. She started out stretched but she turned around nice I think..
    355 ppm in the res when I checked with the tds meter just now
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    Days 1 to 14

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  4. Day 15

    Dumped res and scrubbed it clean. Replaced res water with 15 gallons 5.9 ph and 900 ppm total res level.

    Gh flora series nutes + rapid stater + cal mag + 4 teaspoons Epsom salt.

    Turned off the HPS light temporarily to help with the heat stress until I fix ventilation this week.

    Replaced with 4 - 23w /100w 6500k cfl daylight deluxe bulbs at 1600 lumens each and 1 - 42w/150w 2700k cfl at 2800 lumens.

    Total cfl lumens of 9200 until I get that hps light back on

    I also added a water pump and have her top fed. She's been on 24 hour light since she popped. Should I finish her out on 24 or switch to 18? There are 5 airstones now and the water is highly oxygenated now just need to fix air flow and ventilation for her..any suggestions greatly appreciated..she is spoiled since she's the first but follow my thread as I'll be staggering with all different kinds of autoflowering strains in my upgraded 6 site system.

    Follow!! follow!!! follow!!!

    Advice ???

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  5. I'd get rid of the top feed, or put it on a timer. It don't need water dumped on it all the time.
    Also, why the Epsom salt? The flora series along with the cal mag should be sufficient.
    That's about all I got. I don't do autos. Somebody else may come along.

  6. Fix all your lighting to face the top of the plant any light that isn't touching the tops of fan leaves is wasted maybe some reflective material as well, never hurts.
  7. The fan leaves are blocking the first node from getting light from the top of the plant. That is the reason for the side lighting. Should I do what you said anyway? Should I have the HPS on her yet? It's only 150 watts but the closet is warm with just one fan for ventilation. How far above her should the HPS bulb be? Putting the top feed on a timer now though. How's she look for size for 15 days? And how does the first bend look on the main stem for circular LST?
  8. Fan leaves are what gathers the light and is key to photosynthesis, you want the fan leaves to gather all the light they can. Size looks fine for now I would just adjust the lighting to huddle around maybe in a triangular shape over top keep the cfls close but don't burn them usually safe is 5 inches I think. Don't want the light to far away because the plant will stretch out for it when it should be focused on growing fan leaves as far as the lst honestly hard to tell and it's not my preferred method I use the topping method, it's just easier for me an 100% faster I feel. Hope this helped I'm not a veteran grower but I have done hours of reading before recently starting out myself.
  9. I raised my cfls into the triangle shape above the plant. Someone told me not to top them because they are autoflower so just use LST instead?
  10. Day 16

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  11. that auto aint doing so great for 16 days usualy expect more growth and preflowers starting to show around 2 to 3 weeks im soil tho so il let a hydro guy give ya better info
  12. I'm hydro... I think you need to lightproof that lid. Also verify the calibration of whatever you're checking pH with. Them leaves look funky.
  13. Hey I am a fellow auto grower but haven't been around for a while, one of Loki's mates. She is looking poorly for 16 days buddy. Have you added nutes yet? If so how much? At what rate? And is that some kind of halogen your using? I would remove it if so and replace with something cooler like CFL or LED.

    Auto's don't like nutes for the first couple of weeks generally, plus they only flower when they are ready (big enough) so there is still hope yet.

    PH levels of the water? They need to be spot on for ideal growth rate. Don't add too much salt either that's not good right now better for when the plant is in flower, which it should begin to in a week or so, as crankz said you PH seems off your leaves are curling.

    Move the lights away a little, calibrate your PH pen, check PH levels if they are wrong correct them, it can take days for PH to balance itself out so don't worry if it keeps rising for the first week or so.
  14. Also how much air is your pump kicking out per min?

    This is a day 17 plant 1439187282291.jpg
  15. If pH is in fact correct, I'd say you have a toxicity lockout.
    I'd dump the res and refill with just water pHed to 6.0
    Let it sit in that for 12 hours or so. Then mix up some nutes to around 300 ppm 6.0 pH. See how it likes that for a few days.
    You can let the pH float between 5.5 - 6.5 before needing to correct it.

    Leave out the Epsom.
  16. id ditch it and start again that plant wont yield much by the time u correct the problems she will go into flower and its already stunted
  17. Day 20 its growing new nodes like crazy but it is seriously stunted you guys are right. Dumped res ..recalc nutes and ph ..cooler water temp..lots of new nodes very close together its very dense ball of growth what is going on.. Is it flowering yet? I can not tell if it is. Its showing its sex I'm pretty sure...its not going to produce a lot but will it bud even? Highly oxyginated water to answer someones question the airstones and pump is on! I just want to finish it up and start again but I'm not giving up on this gal

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  18. I am a noob and definitely not an auto guy, but those leaves look like they are hurting.

    Can you take a photo of the roots? What is the res temp at?
    What is your ppm and pH, and how are they changing from day to day.

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