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  1. I am using rockwool, hydroton rocks, and black buckets and baskets, 1,000 watt hps, I know I should use metal halide to veg, and hps to flower. But that is all I currently have. I am using advanced nutrients. I assume I have probably burnt the plants with too much nutrients. But would still like some advice if anyone has some input.

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  2. do you check the ph?

    what kind of nutes are you putting in it?
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  4. Yeah i hanvt checked the ph. I also am using city water, I heard you need to let it sit for approx 3 days to evaporate the harmful shit. My light is approx 2 feet away. I weakened the nutes a little, Im using advanced nutrients sensi bloom and sensi grow both are 2 parts.
  5. do i need to test the rockwool where the plant is, or the resovoir where the nutrients are stored?
  6. the reservoir, all of the nutrients are sucked in by the roots.
    Make sure the water is just barely above the bottom of your net pots, make sure you test the ph and equally distribute nutes. dont over nute and if your unsure of how much nutes you put in, research first, never go in unknowing anything during hydroponics, its a very tedious process. get some aquacheck strips their cheap, or if you have the money go ahead and get a ph meter.

    if your using city water make sure you let it sit for 24-30 hours, 3 days is a stretch :p
  7. You don't want a pH of 7.0 for hydro. That could definitely cause the issues you are having.

    Optimal pH for hydro is about 5.8. Some people suggest going a little lower, others a little higher, but 5.8 is a perfect pH to aim for imo.
  8. By the way thanks for all the input. I understand now that 5.8 is the perfect ph, I am attaching a couple of more pics to show my setup. Pictures tell more than a thousand words could. I was thinking of just going to get some distilled water and feeding these bad boys without any nutrients until they get a little more healthy. I just read this articale: Pure water has pH 7, so still, freshly distilled water should have a pH of 7.0. However, interaction with the atmosphere allows carbon dioxide to dissolve into it, forming carbonic acid. As a result, agitating the water or allowing it to sit for a while will leave you with an aqueous solution that drifts down in pH. Because there are no natural buffers in distilled water, the pH can go down as low as 5.0.So I figure if I let the distilled water sit for a day It should drop to approx 6.0 ph wise. Then I could get the strips and test my nutrient mix. So could i just buy a ph kit from a local hardware store, and just dink around with my nutrient mix without any harm. I always wanted to just stick to city water and plain nutrients. Lots of questions sorry. Here are a couple more pictures. And what I currently am doing is just lifting the entire basket out of the bucket and just putting the basket into the nutrient container for approx 2 minutes, per basket, and I do this twice a day. The rockwool seems to stay plenty moist at this stage.

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  9. you right i meant to say 5.8, excuse me :) ive been helping a ton of soilers lately :p
  10. I've personally never done hydro, but I could not imagine doing it without a pH/EC meter. You seem serious about this grow, so I would consider investing the 150 or so dollars.
  11. Yeah I am serious about it, I finally became a Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient and quite frankly the only way you will ever get anything close to what you deserve is to do it yourself. A lot of my lifetime friends grow for a living, and it is not easy in volume. They actually really deserve what they get. But nevertheless the Patient is never completely happy. So do it yourself and you will understand the work required, the exact science and the patience you need to do stuff like this. You guys are a great help, and thank you much for your time. I will get the ph meter, I tried today to get a soil one, figuring I could use it for liquid as well, absolutely will not work, I called a grow shop and they pretty much laughed at me. I'm learning. Once I get my ph right I will post my Pics of these same plants pulling out. I plan on vegging for another 2 weeks then putting them into flower. I can get them pretty healthy in 2 weeks i figure.

    One final Question, Is submerging the baskets into the nutrient container 2x a day suffieciet wattering, I only let the plants sit in the resorivoir for abou 1-2 minutes, just until I figure the rockwool is holding enough moisture, should I leave some alot of nutrients it the black buckets to pull moisure to the roots?
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    Yeah, submerging the soil pH meter in liquid will usually void the warranty.

    I'm not sure how much research you've done, but I strongly recommend reading the FAQ's and write-up's found in the stickies. The time you invest in reading will repay you tenfold, as any good grower will tell you (and with hydro being more advanced, it's even more important). Unfortunately, the only thing I really know about hydro are average pH and TDS figures.

    I can tell you that investing 50-100 more in a pH/EC/TDS meter will help tremendously. Don't get just the pH, get the combo if you can afford it.
  13. Yea you NEED to get a PH meter, without it you are going to go no where with hydro
  14. /agree

    Even after a few years of growing DWC, I still couldn't just "wing it" through the entire grow without testing pH and nutrient levels. You wont regret the investment.

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