First hydro grow.

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  1. Firgure i would share my first time growing hydroponics ,2nd indoor grow. All three plants where planted and sprouted the same day . going on week four in veg will be. All plants have been topped and slight defoilation done. Anything insight on how they are looking or advice would be appreciated 20190713_221759.jpg 20190714_123122_HDR.jpg 20190714_123129_HDR.jpg 20190714_123839_HDR.jpg

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  2. Hydro plant is looking good so far. it's even outgrowing the ones in soil, which is sort of expected. Nice work. :thumbsup:
  3. What hydroponic medium are you using?
  4. For the medium i am using canna coco and the dwc. Bucket is hydroton. In the dwc i am running cns17 nute line up and coco i am running canna nute line
  5. Technically this is all hydro. All of this is soiless .
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  6. What is your feeding schedule with the coco?
  7. With the coco i am feeding a lite mix of nutes every feeding twice daily.
  8. Oh ok, my bad. I thought the others were in soil since you didn't mention that in your first post. I thought you were specifically only talking about the DWC bucket.
  9. about to end week 4 veg. These girls are very happy. 20190718_212253_HDR.jpg
  10. Quick update on the girls. Day 5 since flip and They have absolutely exploded in growth. Im going to have to upgrade my tent at some point. With this being my first hydro grow i would like some feedback on what you all think. Any criticism or anything you all see i should do would be appteciated. 20190730_082126_HDR.jpg
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  11. Soil less soil …. Compost is not soil . the plants that look like soil is actually compost therefor technically it is considered a passive Hydroponic system .
    Passive hydroponics, semi-hydroponics or passive subirrigation is a method of growing plants without soil, peat moss, or bark
    Passive hydroponics - Wikipedia
  12. What do you think of CNS 17? I tried it... it wasnt for me

    Your grow is interesting should be fun to watch
  13. This is the first time i have ran the cns17 line. So far i havent ran into any issues as far as deficiencies but the one running cns17 seems like its behind the ones running canna. I switched to flower just over a week ago and the plants in coco are already throwing pistils everywhere but the dwc doesnt have any. It was gave to me from my local shop to try out so i cant complain to much. I sorta let them get outta hand. And should have trained alot better but with it being my first hydro grow i was to focused on getting the grow right while ignoring the size of the plants. Next run ill just run either a couple of small ones or just 2 bigger plants. 20190804_112430.jpg
  14. I really didnt like the consistancy of the 17 line. It was like heavy latex paint. I ended up having to mix it in water to thin it out. Otherwise it wouldnt homogenize. Honestly, I didnt use it long enough to get an honest read on it. I like my nutes a little more watery I guess.

    You plants look pretty good. I hope it stays that way for you cheers
  15. Looks great man I used a screen with mine this is my first grow ever. I’m on week 4 of flower right now.

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  16. You did a good job canopy looks dead flat. Lots of tops. You should do well
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  17. Thank you I vegged 6 weeks. I’m running (2) 1200w leds which both actually pull 530w. So I’m excited to see how much I get.
  18. I'm excited for you. You've done well for a first crack at hydro
  19. Your plants look great . how mamy arr you running and in what size tent. Looks filled nice grow
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  20. I have a 5x5 tent with 4 current culture RDWC buckets. It’s white widow feminized seeds in rockwool with grow stones.
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