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First Hydro Grow. What can improve

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Nesiaa, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. I have a sensi seeds Purple Bud in a DIY bubble bucket.
    I’ve started to SCROG her in an 80cmX80CMX160cm tent.

    There is an exhaust fan up top and a clip on fan blowing around the canopy.

    I’m using GH trio, Epsom salts (had a sulfur deficiency) and B52.

    Temps do not exceed 77 degrees.

    Ph between 5.8-6.4
    ppm - 550-600 after new res change

    I change the res every 7 days but I top it up with plain PHd water as the plant drinks.

    I’m using a “600w” LED that actually only runs 140W but it seems to do the job.

    So I have had some problems with this grow but I am still learning. I do have transparent air tubes at the moment but will be getting black ones. I have totally light proofed the bucket other than that though.

    I also have an issue with my roots. They are brown. Though there is no slime or smell coming from the roots though. The hydro store man said B52 is known to discolour roots and that it shouldn’t be an issue but I am not convinced.

    IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0029.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0031.JPG
  2. Look good to me. I wouldn't stress so much about the air hoses. As long as the container is light proff you'll be fine. Plus once the canopy fills out that itself blocks alot of light.

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  3. I can assume your roots may just appear brown do to the led refracting on the water ,on and under the roots. Some nutrient solutions even shimmer rainbow colord light off like motor oil would, in the right angles. If roots where like lungs. I'd say the younger small roots have the most lymph nodes used for oxygen and nutrients making them pearl white. While the larger roots " carmalize " in color naturally to harden based on internal temperature of plants circulatory system and environment conditions. This carmslizing process is more noticeable in hydro res water temp fluxtuations. Hardening is based on internal heat dissipation of plants volume. The colder the plant internally with The warmer water temps lead to least carmslizing and hardening of rootmass and best heatsorce for plants that regulated as needed. Equilibrium is roots growth regulator. Cold environments also "prune " the plants from from circulating anything while out of the hydro system. Dealing with the hydraulic defects and low grade oxygen uptake. High Energetic oxygen molecules are used first until scarce amounts , willthen trigger low grade molecules uptake for( membrane growth and cell wall modifications )to be adjusted in juviline root growth only due to regulate all base roots to quota uptake , simultaneously measuring the amount of low grade oxygen its rejects in intervals is how it decides on optimal energetic average to be consistent with quality and quantity of growth rates all based on molecular charge requirements moderating is the only time ever Kinect energy is responsible for molecules to be modified and become compounds to be stored and used by plant.

    Thus makes low charged oxygen atoms to be maintained and avoid roots searching by airrateing from shooting in oxygen low charge clusters first to test for high oxygen molecules to tunnel down not up or be breached or combined unless roots can no longer avoid secondary off shoots to only reject neutral oxygen atoms and begin intergrading the positive collection of oxygen molecule for separation and collection of ionic bond 's"nucleus" equivalent. Harnessing the atomic mass of this most basic ionic bond s phantom nucleas is naturally the only form of kinetic energy consumption that results in synthesis of plant sugars without actually collecting the ions electron partical or any molecule counterparts. Sifining the chain link from a simple ionic bond rerouted so sugars to be formed to molecules being bond to each other in chain links being the conversion of na micro and macro molecules to be linked in simpe or complex sugars and plant compounds diversity by diffusion collectiom of ionic bond
  4. IMG_0089.JPG

    Is this a nitrogen deficiency? Ph is currently 6.3 and she has been on 12/12 for 11 days

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