First hydro grow experiment. Opinions please.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by kindbuduser, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Hello to the forum lots of great info here.

    I've started my first hydro experiment and wanted to post pictures of my progress. The first plant kind of took a hit on the transplant from soil to hydro but seems to be recovering ok. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

    I'm also attaching my current readings on the water hoping to get some feedback to see if it is correct. These plants are 3 weeks old now and are Blue Mystic feminized.

    Thanks in advance.

    2011-11-27 12.16.22.jpg

    View attachment 2011-11-27 12.16.39.jpg

    View attachment 2011-11-27 12.16.46.jpg

    2011-11-27 12.17.05.jpg

    2011-11-27 12.17.39.jpg
  2. Fix your pics buddy. Then we'll be with ya.
  3. looking nice, I would suggest using black tubing for you line because the clear stuff will end up getting algae growing in it
  4. i bought the same tri meter n its going back gonna put extra 40 quid for bluelab combo cos my blue lab pen n meter ec r spot on n thats allways off by cupple points n the connectoins r pure shiy lol looking good tho mate like said get the black tubing or ya gonna get some probs.
  5. Wow thanks will make sure I change it out for sure. I would assume getting new tubing and wrapping with black tape would be ok right? Just in case I cannot find "black tubing" local. :)

    This hydro stuff aint easy man been reading my ass off studying like crazy and seeing all of these horror stories is not fun. So far so good with me though! I think I'm gonna switch to a 600W HPS setup for the light. Probably order up this week. :hello:

    I pumped up my nutes tonight as it was time and the meter shot up to 1700ppm! Kept my eye on it though and dropped down now to 1000 with a PH of 6.1 so I should be good. Hopefully these 3 babies will skyrocket now.
  6. Thanks got a link for the meter your using? Will make sure to handle that tubing tomorrow.

    I'll tell you this has been a blast. Even if I end up with issues I'm loving this "sport" :cool:
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    Sweet! Three days later and here is where we are!

    2011-11-30 13.26.09.jpg
  8. [quote name='"kindbuduser"']Sweet! Three days later and here is where we are!


    Looks like a pretty indica. Great job! Yeah, you're right about this hydro, it's not easy. But this way of growing, at least for me, is totally addicting.
  9. Thanks! The day I posted this thread I pumped the nutes to 1000 and these babies took off to the races! :hello:

    Now I just have to keep them healthy!
  10. Be careful about how much nutrient you feed, too early. Looks like they may have ateeny bit of nute burn, or some other deficiency happening, if you notice the edges of your leaves. So keep it around a couple hundred PPM until the roots are better developed.

    I use a Bluelab meter, and wouldn't trade it for the world. It's a nice unit. So I second Pagger08's comment.

    The only thing that concerns me, here, is the nute temp of 77. That's quite high, you don't want any funk growing in there. It would be best if you can keep it below 70. If you're running an ebb and flow, this isn't critical, but might want to change out the nutes every week or two.

    Is this ebb/flow, or a bubble bucket type system?
  11. Hi thanks for the response it is a bubble bucket system with the pump directly feeding the roots. I suppose I could bring down the temp of the water using ice in the main bucket?

    The stuff on the edges of the leaves seem to be confined from the earlier growing stage but I'm not positive. It hasn't shown up on the new leaves coming up. My current PH/PPM is 6.3/1000 with nutes being set according to the Flora chart. Before my nutes were at 400ppm and the plants werent really doing much growing at all. After bumping the nutes to the flora chart recommendation, they have really taken off and look much better. Wouldn't that hurt them if I change the water and drop to 200?

    That Bluelab looks nice. Going to have to budget for it :) Thanks for the tip!
  12. :D looks good!
  13. All in less than one week! WOW!
  14. i read experiment and came here looking to clown, i was going to ask where your lab was.... hahahahaha

    but after viewing your excellent photos i see you definitely have a green thumb and a lab coat... there was some early nute burn that you've clearly fixed...

    excellent thread:hello:

  15. boy or girl?
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    Here we are in between week 4 and week 5. 2 of the 3 plants are really doing AWESOME. The first of the three has not really grown much compared to the other two but that is the only sign otherwise nice and green and no nute burn. These plants are really doing great the leaves are HUGE bigger than my hand already.

    Still running around 1100ppm with ph leveling out at around 6.2. I changed ALL plastic tubing and wrapped the new stuff with electric tape so hopefully no worries on the algae.

    Any one have any advice on that first plant? Should I consider trimming some of these HUGE leaves or should I just leave them go?

    I also ordered up 2 500w Blackstar LED (1 flower 1 veg) should be here by next thursday CANNOT WAIT to fire that LED up on these bad boys!!!!!!

    Advice would be appreciated :hello:
    2011-12-10 16.50.50.jpg

    2011-12-10 16.48.50.jpg

    2011-12-10 16.49.08.jpg

    2011-12-10 16.49.01.jpg

    2011-12-10 16.48.23.jpg
  17. dude they look feckin lovely very well looked after :D
  18. Thank you sir :)

    So you think I should just let them go on their own then without any trimming? How about that first plant why do you suppose it is not growing like the others?

    I'll tell ya, these plants are looking freaking grrrrrreat!!!!!!! :hello:
  19. They are looking great, and NEVER take leaves off unless they are almost dead, there is valuable sugars and starches that the plant uses from the leaves.

    IMO the two big plants will be male, and the smaller one female. The faster growing taller plants most of the time turn out to be male in my experience. This allows pollen to fall from the taller male plants, onto the shorter female plants.

    Edit: Just realized you used femenized seeds lol. Only thing it could be is a different pheno type maybe, they look great tho keep up the good work.

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