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  1. Hello,
    I'm working on my first grow journal and first hydroponic grow. Here's what I'm working with so far 3x3x5.5ft Ipower grow tent , I've sprouted an auto fem ak-47, I have it under a 125w fluorowing CFL, I'm using a bubble monster four DWC system and will be setting up my top feed system the next couple of days. I plan on getting an LED light by the time flowering starts but still am not sure which one to go with. I'm new to this and will take any advice you guys can give. I'll put pictures up I'm still shocked at the size of my tent seeing as I thought I ordered 2x2 haha oh well

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  2. It popped on the 21st using paper towel method the put into rock wool inside Tupperware until today I saw a white root at the bottom so I transferred it into the bucket system. Not sure why the leaves are still so curled up
  3. Two plants in a single bucket will more than likely reduce yield. It looks like your light is too far away. Don't let the rock wool dry out until you roots hit the water. Don't soak it either or you will drown the plant.

    No mention of temps or ph so can't help you there.

    I have a 3x3 tent and it is ideal for a single plant. You can take a look at my grows to see how a newby navigated DWC.

    Good luck.
  4. Right now I just have one in the bucket the other one died. I got one root about to reach out of the net pot but Once it hits the bottom do I still need to spray or set up top feed? Water temps are 76 degrees and I'm going to by a humidity and temp gauge for the air today. The first set of real leaves has arrived and them stem is darkening so I'll be dropping the light today to accommodate some more growth. I've been checking ph everyday with the drop kit and it's staying right around 6.5.
  5. Btw pizzaeater I checked out your grows before I set mine up I want to steal your ring one the bucket lid idea that design is genius
  6. I don't top feed so you may want to read up on that. I hear that top feeding is good until the roots hit the water but not much benefit after that.

    If your root has hit the water I would not water or spray the rockwool. As long as the bubbles are wetting the root or the hydroton you should not need to water from the top. I believe your ph may be on the high side. I let my ph drift between 5.7-6.2 before I adjust. Others may say differently but that is what works for me.

    I see that your are running autos. I don't top or remove fan leaves except when nearing harvest. Others have not had issues with topping or removing leaves during veg but I prefer to play it safe.

    Good luck
  7. Sweet so top feed optional and go a little lower on the ph. Thanks appreciate the feedback. I plan on doing some simple LST on her when she's more developed. I popped another auto blue dream and it's going to need to go in some type of system I'm not sure if I'm going to go ahead and put it in with the first one but now that you said the yield would be lower I'm debating letting one go still not sure.....
  8. Sounds like you're on the right track. My only suggestion is to be 1000000000% sure you have no light leaks in the res and maybe consider some Great White or Hydroguard. A res temp of 76F is going to make her more prone to root rot or green algae. Some growers put bottles of ice in their res to cool it down. Good Luck!

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  9. Checked the water temp today and it's at a nice 72 degrees I think it's nice and cool and I added hydroguard to the res. The blue dream girl popped her foot out of the rock wool so she went into the bubble monster system today. I know two plants isn't idea but I have an idea how to maximize the space just want to let them both grow and see which one produces. Right now it's just wait and see. I'm going to be looking into a carbon filter system in the upcoming few days any advice on that would be appreciated. I'll take more pictures when there is a little more change
  10. You're working with about 50 cubic feet so as long as the fan you buy has a cfm that is rated at or preferably higher than that you're good.

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  11. Seedlings are just over a weak old on everything is still stable. I'm having to put frozen water bottles in the reservoir to keep it cool and I changed the light schedule to have it off in the hot part of the day it is still a little hot in the tent but I'm going to put another fan in tonight. Notice a little slime on my thermometer that stays in the bucket I'm thinking of wrapping the bucket in insulation and reflective tape to drop temperatures what do you guys think? Also is that light to high or low??

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  12. I would skip the frozen water bottles if you are using Hydroguard. I believe my first grow suffered due to shocking the roots 2x a day with frozen bottles. My rez temps are 75 with Hydroguard. Cool water temps are good for O2 levels and keeping bad bacteria at bay but I understand that roots grow better in the 70's. The bad bacteria likes warmer too but that is why we use Hydroguard.

    You don't need to take my word on the Hydroguard but check out Boss grower Rumpleforskin. Rumple's collage of harvests and bud shots He grows a single White Widow and his plant is massive.
  13. That was all lack of knowledge on my end I thought I had to worry about it but if I don't that's great. I was also wondering on water level right now it's about an inch or so below the bottom of the net pot is that to much should I let the roots grow through the air?
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  14. It's been a while since I updated so here the catch up. I'm down to one plant still under the 125w cfl in a week or so I should be able to get my led which is exciting. The one plant is the blue dream seed I popped later then the original two plants but I decided to stick with one and the blue dream towered over her older sister. I have trained the plant to almost grow horizontal by simple lst. This is my first time being able to train a plant so not sure if I'm doing it right. I have to leave the tent open during the day so it doesn't get to hot because I still haven't got an exhaust fan but I'm working on that. My roots have me worried I use soul grow nutrients by aurora and they are very brown so when I saw some brown on the roots I thought that was the cause but my reservoir is getting brown slime especially around the air stone and tube. I'm gonna do a water change and clean in the next couple of days. Any advice would be great. Oh and I added 60ml of 3% peroxide to give the roots a boost. I also have some brown spots forming on a couple leaves.

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  15. I see that you are using clear air tubes. You need to get black tubing to prevent light from reflecting into the rez. Use your duct tape to cover the tube where it enters the bucket.

    In the mean time, get that rez changed out ASAP.

    The spots are probably CalMg issues. Add the appropriate about of CalMg and you should be good to go.
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  16. Changed out the res and added more h2o2 to the water and the roots seem a little better already. Got it in a five gallon bucket now and hopefully in a week I'll have my new light. I've been low stress training her to grow horizontal and some of the bottom growth is really take off so I trained that out as well
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  17. Of course I went to the hydro store and they were out of cal mag but the signs of the diffeciency are slim but I got a tds meter and the water is at 690ppm is that good or bad not sure the levels I'm going for. My roots are still brown but I'm thinking my nutes just discolor them although they are somewhat twisted. But the plant seems healthy and the stalk is tough as hell. I was thinking of doing another water change and just adding hydroguard and h2o2 to let the roots recover what do you guys think? Plant seems healthy should I leave it or worry

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  18. Day 30 update: Auto Blue Dream

    Right after my last post I broke the main stem partially after a lst session so after freaking out I taped it and read it should be fine as only 50 was detached. The ppm has been rising and is hovering at 900 and the ph is rising every couple days. Don’t know if that’s normal but I’ve been adjusting everything and the plant is doing great. I bought the rest of the nutrient line I’m using which is aurora nutrients soul synthetic line. It leaves the roots a little dark but with hydroguard and h2o2 they look great underneath the nutes. Decided to give up on lst and just let her grow the second branch is growing fast and about the same as the main cola so I think the plant is pumping it up after the break of the stem. The main stem is the size of my thumb and looking healthy as could be. Second pic is break in stem and fourth is the competing branch along with main cola. Any advice on what to do next is greatly appreciated.

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  19. My limited experience with LST is baby steps. Gradually bend the plant over several days to prevent broken stems. I should know as I snapped two stems on my last grow.

    As long as my ph stays in the range of 5.7 to 6.2 I don't add any ph adjustments. I also don't worry about ppm spiking unless I see signs of nute burn on the leaves.

    You may want to Google using h2o2 with Hydroguard. I believe the h2o2 may also kill the good bacteria in the Hydroguard.
  20. Hey man :) thought I'd pop in n see how you going :)
    Ok well I read through the everything now so up to date haha I gather you read through my journal for the Bluetooth aha that was my first dwc ever and I did a lot of things people will tell you not to but also kept it mega simple I never used any hydrogaurd or h2o2 stuff as far as roots went I kept temps in bucket down low as poss in water think was like 18 degrees Celsius and flooded it with oxygen I top fed till I had to use the second airline as needed more oxygen in water but roots where already well and truly established in bucket lol I did give it rhizotonic in every second feed which is a root conditioner
    I also changed my res every week drained it till only couple inches in bottom n new water n feed which I kept mostly at half strength as for snapping a stem well don't stress on that one bit mate I grow autos all the time and suppercrop everyone :) they recover faster than photoperiod plants do and that knuckle help transport water n feed better that Bluetooth was an auto in a 3x3 tent with a 400hps I supercroped the shit outa that girl once she hit the right point which I now know when haha and she gave me 7.5 oz dry back so if you want I can show my set up can tell you when to suppercrop her n you'll get more than 2 oz without trying :)
    As for ph I kept mine at 6 as much as possible lol it changed overnight sometimes but I checked everyday n ajusted back to 6 if was going up I wasn't stressed lol was if going down I knew somethings not right n changed res which always fixed ;) some people never do it some do it every few weeks but I changed it every week without fail n never had a Single root issue n you've seen that mess I had hahaha

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