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  1. hello, i have grown in soil some times, but never got a good outcome of it, just one time, after 4 months of curing. it was a good high but not as good as it should...

    well, after 3 or 4 soil grows i learned a lot from the plants reactions and problems that you could have, after those grows i decided... why the fuck should not try hydro? i have fucked up 4 times!! its time to advance!!!! well, first thing i learned... i feel like i fucked up my grows because of the shitty tap water over 800PPM.... i never checked that before learning hydro.... it obviously was my bad because i did not think of it as a possible nute burn source... well, to the point.

    Im using General Hydro 3 bottle formula, cannazym and calmag.

    Day 1
    Started with only distilled water for 1 week (was going to leave it for 2 weeks but, the cotyledons started to turn brown fast so i decided to add nutes by that time.) Started with 1/2 nutes formula.

    Day 7 to 39
    Just watching the babys growing and cleaning the reservoir like it should, every two weeks.

    Day 40th
    I FORGOT THAT THE PLANTS GROW ATLEAST HALF OF THEIR SIZE ON FLOWERING SO I FUCKED UP WITH MY SPACE FOR THE PLANTS BECUASE i changed to flowering after 40 days of veg. when i should have done that by the 30th day, but hey!!! its my first time!!! :p

    by the day 42 i decided to add a SCROG for easily manipulate the cola growing, it helped me a lot for some colas that were going to reach the roof of the tent, i had to cut down the top of one cola :*(.

    right now its been 76 days, i will upload some pictures, also would like to ask a question to more experienced growers....

    how much do you think i will get from that crop? (its like 80 square CM, a bit less than a meter, size of the SCROG)
    how is the rodelization technique for feminized seeds? i have not found the technique, just only the explanation on how it works...
    i want this technique because i dont want to use the coloidal silver because it means sacrificing one plant :(

    by the way, the strain is Skunk X Regie(unknown) :p lots of luck for all to be females got them from a soil grow i did. :p


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  2. hey fern:check out to find your answers about how you would go about feminizing seeds and any other things,second my guess is if your plant comes out to be 80cm maybe about 3-4 oz,if done right with the right nutes

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