first hydro attempt, how's she lookin? DWC, CFL, BAGSEED

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  1. Okay so here's my second official grow attempt, were about one week in veg from seed. My setup is under construction but its a DWC grow in a 3.5 gallon sterilite storage bin. I'm using technafloras recipe for success kit on 1/2 strength veg nutes since 3 days after sprout. my plant seems to be doing well on this mix. I'm using sure to grow arroyo growing medium and it seems okay so far, I think for my next grow ill use a different media tho. Lights are CFLs one 2700k and 4 865k (I think) bulbs. I'm going to get a 6500k bulb when I get paid though since I just learned that that is the color temp that MJ plants like to veg at. Any questions, comments, or tips are greatly appreciated :)

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  2. Anyone from the city wanna welcome me? Lol.

    Do I look like I am on track here? 7 days of veg. Under constant light
  3. Not bad for the first week. At this stage of the game, you can't really tell a whole lot but I don't really see any problems. I'd snip off that damaged leaf though.
  4. Im thinking you're gonna need more lights in there
  5. Hey!
    Thanks for stopping in!!

    Yeah I was wondering if I should trim those first leaves off because of the burn but decided not to since I didn't know if it was okay in this early phase. You say go for it tho?

    Thanks I was wondering if she was undersized due to needing more light. I just ordered a T5 lamp fixture with (2) 6700k veg bulbs and (2) 3000k bloom bulbs. I'm hoping that will grow her into a healthier lady :) appreciate the advise
  6. Im still learning but im sure that will help, best of luck man!
  7. Some people will claim it causes stress but I run into damaged first leaves often and trimming them in the 2nd-4th week has never caused me any problems.
  8. Looking good, but invest in more light asap.
  9. Hey thanks for checking me out 4runr!

    I actually just ordered a t5 fixture last night so stay tuned :D
  10. Yo, young plants need soft light for at least the first couple sets of leaves. I don't reco!mmend 24hrs of the lights being on. 18 hrs is sufficient to get the plant going and reach a certain degree of health. Babies need sleep!
  11. Hey herb, thanks for stopping in.

    I had been wondering if I should cut back to an 18/6 light schedule. Now that you've mentioned it I think ill start. Also the t5 lamps that I bought will be mixed spectrum so I will have soft white along with some warm white.
  12. Yes. A lot of people root at 24/0 then cut back to 18/6. It won't cause any harm and will save you some change.
  13. Thanks for everyone's help over the last few days!! As a newbie grower I need as much help as I can get :p

    So tonight I got home from work at 12am and went to check up on the baby. She's looking good and growing like a weed :smoke: lol

    Anyways. I took some quick update photos to show the city how she's doing. Then I switched my lights off so that she can sleep till 6am. I got my shipping info on the T5 and it will be here late Tuesday into Wednesday ill post as soon as it gets here. Very exciting stuff :wave:

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  14. Hmm. When my seedlings were that size their root structure was way more developed. Kinda odd.
  15. Hey Caregiver.
    I was feeling the same way. It actually took about 6 days for the first root to pop out of the net cup and that growth in root structure has been only 3 days now. I may be wrong but I blame the STG medium for the slow root development. It has pretty poor drainage and it started getting a bit brown at the bottom because of the brown nute res water being inside it and not draining. I noticed all this 3days ago and started draining the STG by hand daily and that's when I got the new root growth.
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  17. Woke up to some major root development. Me and my girlfriend were also talking about topping the plant. Is she far enough along? Only 10 days into veg today. Let me know what you think

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  18. looking good, the root growth once they hit the water is crazy, they're gonna be crazy long a week from now
  19. Roots are coming along good now it looks like,nice job. Personaly i would not top yet (but im no expert) and am excited to see how those lights work for ya. I veg under cfl also but find that between 200-300 watts per plant works well for growth. Yeah I have heard some nice things about the T-5s and am stronglyconsidering thme myself.
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    Yeah I will keep everyone updated with growth above and below ground. Thanks for stopping in :)

    Yeah I'm going to wait till I get my t5 to top because that way it will have more light to recover from the cut. Thanks for checking out my thread hope you stick around!

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