First homemade bubbler = Failure?

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    Hey everyone. :wave: I've been going here for a while but I just now decided to make an account. :p Anyways, I've got myself a homemade bubbler:
    I've been told that the plastics of the pill bottle are cancerous and that I'm risking my life with all of the toxic fumes that can come from the bottle. Should I just take it all apart and make a gravity bong (with a water bottle perhaps)? I'm kind of afraid to try out my bubbler if it's that dangerous.
  2. IMO its easier to save up and buy a bong then waste time making one for it to break or inhale plastic fumes....
  3. you're fine. none of the plastic will get hot enough

    nice homemade though :smoke:
  4. Nah dude you have no worries, your not really burning anything.
  5. Smoke the fuck outta it :)
  6. I remember making one just like this before, except the water came out when i was inhaling:(. Needless to say i chunked it
  7. I really like that design. I've made a few almost identical to it on a larger scale.

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