First Homemade Bong. What you think?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by cjhpaloalto, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. So i decided to make a homemade bong. Its glued the shit outta this lil buddy. I put pictures as attatchments.

    Pic 1 - Bong
    Pic 2 - Slide
    pic 3- taken apart for transportation...friends houses :smoking:
    Pic 4 - Bong again

    Click the pics and they enlarge a lot

    Tell me what you think...toke on

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  2. plastic... have fun with that...
  3. The downstem is glass, and the slide is metal, but yes the chamber is plastic, but i thought the chamber being plastic did no harm to you, cause the smoke was cool once it came in contact with it?
  4. plastic is never safe to smoke in. only thing even close to plastic that is safe would be acrylic
  5. i think thats pretty damn cool
  6. thanks dude, me too haha
  7. I agree with Necro... Plastic and electrical tape? Not good man. It's just not worth the possible health risks.
  8. You're good as long as you have a glass bowl and down stem. It looks pretty cool, maybe add an ice pinch?
  9. I disagree. The whole bowl and down stem is wrapped in black tape, which WILL melt with that kind of heat. It may not be noticeable at first, but it'll definitely be happening.

  10. yea dude, that electrical tape on the downstem looks like it will contaminate your smoke.....why not smoke a joint????????:smoking:
  11. yea im pretty sure it'll be fine. as long as you dont burn the plastic, inhaling the smoke from it shouldnt do anything.
    but also, if you light the tape, you might get some adhesive fumes and those are horrible for you.

  12. i think that tape looks easy to light

    my $0.02
  13. It isn't just the direct flame though, the radiating heat alone will melt that stuff. Been seeing a whole lot of posts with homemade bongs made of plastic. What you guys could do is use a glass bottle and buy a glass drill bit to make a hole for a downstem. Just be careful and wear eye protection.

  14. yea good point, especially if its thin plastic.

  15. are you serious? who the fuck would buy a glass drill bit to make a home made piece? its not like effective glass bongs are rare dude...plastic chambers r fine u guys need to chill and smoke a smoke will NOT melt plastic u fuckheads....
  16. A lot of people would... Considering a whole lot of people waste their time making crappy plastic bongs when there are so many effective glass bongs as you put it. And yes, hot smoke will melt plastic, this should be common knowledge.
  17. i got me a homemade and i smoke out of it a pretty good bit now.
    it works fine for me...

    but i dont use tape or anything on mine.

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