First homeade bong

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  1. :bongin:
    Made of a SoBe bottle, mutilated pen part, socket, black tape for sealing

  2. You should diffuse that bitch
  3. Milkshot!
  4. milkshots friday buddy! :bongin: we gonna get ripped :hello::D
  5. Hell yeah :D
  6. Should it be fine if i put superglue in between the stem and edge to seal it and force it upright?
  7. looks good, toke up son! :smoking:
  8. wheres the carb? i love homemades
  9. shit ill poke one xD anyone know about the glue tho?
  10. sick! i love making homemade peices haha
  11. Nice homeade if you dont got a real one, shiiit..
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    This is one i made homeade with a beaker,a dime, and pen parts
  13. Nice one dude what did you use for making that hole?
  14. i used a screwdriver n scratched a rough patch to drill. Then a regular power drill, then a dimaond tipped bit to break though completely n shape the hole for the dime

  15. i'm working on a bong made out of a bigger glass coca cola bottle i'll have to try this

    Ps: Glue should be fine as long as its not too close to the bowl, because its the hottest part
  16. It never is close cause it hits at the end of the pen n it wouldnt get hot
  17. [​IMG]

    Bigger n better bong. same style. milk shot :bongin:
  18. Damn dude that thing is fucking steez.
    Nice milkshot :bongin:

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