First Home Made - Rate, Hate, Mass-Debate

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Corn Man, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Goes around the circle of eight regular bottle then fills the large, made this for a party this weekend if you couldn't tell by the hoses. I wish it would have come out more clean looking, but basically there is three hoses at the top so basically I usually milk it like you see in the video and people pass around the tubes and socially smoke, sorry about the pussy milking, I had smoked before this and ate a big ass plate of wings, everyone let me know what you think, oh and I have two of the tubes in my mouth and my thumb is covering the third one.

    Mega Gatorade Bong - YouTube
  2. that things a fucking drag monster.
  3. You sir, rep+

  4. Yeah, I gotta get a video next weekend of three people hitting it, works much better.
  5. Haha props for the idea I like it. I wouldn't hit it but its cool and freeish
  6. Yeah, I think the idea will seem a little bit better when I have three people hitting it, SOOOO Much drag for one person and it clears slow... but I loves it.

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