First Home Bong haaa

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  1. wantd to smk today after work, so i decided to try to make my first homenade bong took like 10min to do including adding ice and water.

    Regular 1/2gallon peach bottle, used the cap as the weed catcher, n a pen as a stem. Hit real good, took 3 hits n was feeling it, coulve been the plastic.

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  2. you used the cap as the bowl??? :(
  3. thats what im saying
  4. that looks dangerous
  5. Your smoking burning plastic? WHAT THE FUCK MAN?
  6. Go buy a 20 oz sobe. the bottle has a little indent at the bottom. its break away glass. Poke it with a screw driver, and drill hole in cap and hot glue a screw bit for bowl. There you go, homemade gravity bong. Enjoy!
  7. No go man. Never ever put your flame on plastic, especially if your gonna inhale!
  8. Wow...I'm speechless.

  9. yay for carcinogens ! mmm tastes like cancer:smoke:

    but really, dont smoke that bro, its really bad for you, save up and get a real bong soon :) problem solved right!
  10. dude, do you want to die
  11. Danm didn't think it was that bad
  12. LOL, dude, get that plastic bowl out of there ASAP.
  13. Burning plastic is really bad for you, I'm not going to freak out on you because WE ALL have smoked out of something stupid before including myself.

    Go to Goodwill and find a sturdy vase, Buy a glass drill bit ($5) and you can turn ANY decent vase or bottle into a bong. The only part you'll have to purchase is the bowl and down stem. IF you want to cheap out on that you can rig up any number of thing (hollowed out steel flashlight, Steel tube. Avoid copper lol) and bell out the end of it, grab a screen and Voila!
  14. Not trying to be a dick in anyway but you sir are a idiot. I mean seriously its common fucking sense that you should not inhale burning plastic. Ive known this since 1st grade i mean seriously. Are you that stupid where you used plastic as your bowl. Its obvious that it will melt and your basically taking bong rips of half plastic half weed.
  15. hahahahahahahahahahahaha :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


    Silly Pot head,you can't smoke out of that xD :wave:
  16. That's horrible for you, don't EVER hit that

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