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First High Stories

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xChronicxTripx, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I just want to talk about my first high because to me it was fucking insane...

    I was a sophmore in highschool and had smoke before but never got high and i was about done with weed i was like this is dumb i never get high its just a waste. so this one time me and 3 of my friends smoked like 3 bowls and we started walking to a nearby grocery store. well we have to walk past this parking lot and i remeber right when we stepped on that parking lot i about lost it i felt so wierd like i was getting tickled all over and i couldnt stop moving my shoulders around for some reason but i felt like i was not gonna make it home that night i thought like i wasnt even real was fucked up but i loved it so when we get into the store i look at the ground and it is checkered and was probly the trippiest shit ive seen but i am almost sure evryone new we were high cause we were laughing our asses off the whole time. anyway im so baked i spend 20 on sunchips and bought like mabe 7 bags of garden salsa or somthing i dont even remeber. but we got in the line and this one really fucking hot cashier starts laughing and we were dying right here and she looks at us when we leave and goes have fun. so anyway we get back to my friends house and his mom came down and talked to us and i felt llike i was yelling when i talked it was wierd but then we watched half baked and by this time its like 10 and we passed out and woke up at like 2 the next day the wake n baked it was amazing.
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    Stoner looking dude asked me for a cig on campus...years ago, i knew he was a pothead, at that time i really was just a gamer and didn't care about pot or even heard about dare or any of that shit

    This guy always asked me for cigarettes so i was generous i give it to him, next day "Dude i don't want to sound like a bum but can i have an extra cig" im like chill person

    He was chill, he wore a band shirt i listened too and i smelled bud and im like hey man mind sparking me up he said sure....He go into some random apartment which is tresspassing

    No rolling papers...he uses a school note book paper...smoked and i was like "I am in a different reality" He had the stoner cali burnout dude, i got respect for him but he's a douche as in "Punk" he acts out too much

    But hey, he was cool and i liked chilling with him and i sparked him up and we became buddies, we don't keep much contact because of distance but good times were had hanging out with groups and cyphing.

    Those were the im grown up and shit is just lame. But eh who knows im still young at heart it can happen again, people come and go.

    We smoked some mids...Honestly it helped me a lot...i thought of life as shit, negativity everywhere, He also sold me my first pipe for 3 dollars...he was a cool dude...I won't forget him, he will be in my memory.

    He just likes to skimp the bags when he gets them...which is annoying. living in a city it's impossible to grow so yea eh.

    But hey, as long as you're chill with me and i'm chill with you we will become good friends and talk, I barely meet people like that.

    Honestly the dude was like a savior for me, i appreciated him and his lifestyle and attitude, cool person.

    I still smoke, but on occasions, but my friend is just a burn out pothead still smoking regs/midgrades but hey bud is bud

    I like the high quallity stuff but it's very expensive, 20 dollars for a .8 or a .9 and even worse they be mathamatical on your ass and give you a 7.4 and fluff it up...These idiots skimp like crazy

    then again, they have to put food on their fucking tables so...

    One day once these "Baby boomers" who i really despise because of their sheer ignorance fade away...there will be revolution.

    I hope to be around to witness it, I'd join the protest myself, i'd be a warrior.

    Stay faded but control yourself, the herb has made me evolve in so many ways unexplaineable.

    Alright so that's my story. Good times....very good times:smoke:

    One day we will be able to just sit down on a bench and smoke and talk about the good things in life, no problems or conflicts, we'll mentally develop....instead of being materialstic fuckheads

    Seriously i can't stand materialstic's a disease
  3. the very VERY first time i smoked was back when i was like 7 or something. a neighbor of mine who was like 18 and thought it would be funny to give it to me. now, the first time that I actually remember the high, I was 15 and over a friends house. he drank all of his grandpas wine and took an adderall and bought some weed earlier. i was so against anything related to smoking but i had to try it at least once haha. anyway, we didn't have any papers so we used some of my notebook paper lol. i didnt think that i was high until my friend and i were sitting in his room and his parents' poodle sneezed from all of the smoke and i said "bless you." i was hazy for like a week. it was a riot at the time and ever since then ive been smokin everyday. :p:smoke:

    oh and i also think that we played the original tekken for ps all day. haha
  4. 1st only gave me the munchies and a laughter hysteria.

    2nd gave me the same with some earlobe sensations, and some general euphoria.

    I parked in a church parking lot and the 3 of us vaped about .75g and got high for 3 hours.

    Drove to a grocery store at 1am and bought oreos and other shit while yelling "SCHLONG" in the store.

    At checkout, I didnt want the cashier to look at my eyes so I turned completely away from him the entire time lol.

    Ate popcorn and oreos until I fell asleep later at a friends house lol.
  5. First time I smoked was out of a hookah when I was 18. I had bought it and left it at my friends house since my parents didn't want a hookah laying around. My friends parents had a bible study at their house, and one of the guys who came to it smoked. Even though he was a bit older, we got along with him fine. My friend and I had both joked around about trying it, and had even done research on it. So after he had been offering for a few weeks, I finally said yes. He (the guy) put it into the bowl of hookah shisha and we started smoking. My friend was having a family discussion and didn't join us til' later. We didn't tell him right then because he had a big mouth. So he comes in and I am quite stoned by this point, it was some decent reg, and for the first time smoking, it did the job. I was about to pass out and was all like "I have smoked enough, it is your turn." He didn't know we had put it in there, and I waited til' the next day to tell him. Then we decided to do it again with all three of us involved. Within two months I was getting better smoke than the guy who got us started. And it is all history from there.
  6. About the first ten times I smoked, nothing happened. I thought it was just a complete waste and wasn't worth a glance. On the night of mine and my two other friends birthday (yes, we all have the same birthday), we threw a little midnight smoke sesh at their house. They had been smoking for a good year already while I was going along for the hell of it. I was expecting to experience the same feeling again... nothing. After a couple bowls, I randomly started to laugh uncontrollably. I felt great. As if I was oblivious to EVERYTHING around me. The next thing I know, I'm in my friends room, on the ground, still laughing my ass off for a good fifthteen or so minutes. From then on out I was set!

    Greatest night of my life and it's sad to say I will never experience a high like that again. :smoke:
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    My first time was so intense.
    I was 16 years in 10th grade. It was me and my friend and his older brother, and we bought a quarter of some pretty decent mids. We were staying at my friends house and his parents didn't approve of weed so we had to wait untill late at night and sneak outside to smoke. His brother had a car and we were gonna hotbox it. So they made a pretty decent ghetto pipe out of a sobe bottle. We got in the car and started to smoke. I got in 2 greens and a few cashes pretty quick because they wanted to get me stoned before I even realized I was high, and they did it too lol. I remember not really feeling anything but a tingle in my chest, and then i remember putting my head down for what felt like hours then lifted my head another world. I couldn't even speak I was so fascinated by everything. I remember that we got and I could barely walk. It was dark as hell and scary as fuck. We had to make sure we were quiet because of his parents. I remember looking out into the night at a neighborhood across the street and shouting that it looked like a picture book. His brother is one of those ghetto ass white dudes who really thinks he is black, so he was rapping some song I never heard but I remember laughing my ass off. And then a squirrel dropped an acron on the metal shed in his back yard and we all stopped and then his brother in a loud deep voice screemed "NIKKUH FUCK YO ACORN" and that straight killed me. It was the first time i ever literally rofled. Then we went inside and it was scary trying to be quiet. Then he went and made me ramen noodles and poptarts and cereal, and we had a bag of munchies and I was in fucking heaven. The next day he said I kept saying everything taste like a lobster dinner from red lobster lol. It was so fucking epic... ill never foget it.
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    The first time I felt high was my third time smoking. I was hanging out with my best bro and his buddy and they were trying to teach me how to smoke since I thought I was doing it wrong becasue I never felt high before. We had a 5 chamber gear bong with a fat ass perc, 3 attachable chambers and a ash catcher. Knowing I was a noobie at the time my bro packed a huge bowl and told me to only smoke as much as I could and he would clear the rest. Well being the little noob in the room I really wanted to impress the guys and decided that I would smoke untill there was nothing left to smoke.

    Well I did just that... I closed my eyes and started milking that peice like it was meant to be. I swear I must have been milking that one bowl non stop for like 30 seconds. I heard a pop and then some glass slide and boom my head goes blank. I open my eyes to a very blurry image of my bro with the ash catcher in his hand laughing and showing his friend the bowl because apperently I had cleared the bowl and he packed it for everyone to take a toke out of.

    I couldn't speak, all I could do was smile and do the typical stoner grunt laughs once in a while. I could hear fine but I didn't understand what was being said or better I couldn't process the sound. My bro turns to his computer and turns on some Purple Haze and a couple seconds after that I find that the world is slowly turning to its side and everything is starting to turn upside down. My bro's friend was toking up his bowl at this point and I remember all I could do was stare at the smoke going throught the bong, I loved it, everything about that moment was perfect, even as I type this I'm feeling a sense of flash back from that day. When he cleared the hit all I could do was laugh with joy, I stood up to see if I could suck in the smoke in the air he just exhaled and passed out the second my ass left the chair.

    While I was passed out I could hear voices and music but in like a stone corridor kind of way. I felt like my head was spiralling down into the darkness and it felt like a roller coaster rush. I awoke looking at the floor and my head was buzzing around like a hive under attack and I couldn't stop staring at this green triangle design on the floor. I got up and sat on my bro's bed and looked at the clock to see that five minutes had passed since I grabbed the bong. Those 5 minutes were the most intense minutes I had every felt in my life.. It felt like an eternity.

    Good times... good times... :smoke:
  9. My first time was when i was 15,me and a few buds went into the woods behind one of their houses and smoked a fat bowl of bubble skunk.we then picked up trees that were dead and started having sword fights with them. then we ran back into his house and watched whose line is it anyways for 3 hours. good times man:smoke:
  10. My first time i truely got baked was pretty crazy. I have smoked in the past but didnt get very high just a little buzz.

    It was at a party over my friends house. This guy had some good bud and offered to smoke a group of us up. He made an apple pipe( first time smoking out of an apple). We smoked a bowl out of it with 3 other girls.

    I drank 4 beers before hand nothing special. After the girls left he asked if i wanted to smoke another bowl. What the hell, we blaze another.

    I was feeling good, great a matter of fact. My body was all tingly, and i went to walk back into the party. I walked in an could not stop laughing to save my life. I had to go outside to chill out for awhile.

    The drive home was pretty shitty that night lol.
  11. My god, i hope so. My dad actually saw reefer madness in health class, it was presented to him as truth.
  12. First time I got high I fell down the stairs....

    it hurt.
  13. First time I got high was 3 days ago.
    An hour passed without me even realising, there was a 'worm' in my eye. When I tried to sleep my bed moved/swallowed me and I felt like I was falling. My legs felt 500ft long and my feet were really hot, my hands were freezing... I thought I heard my house being broken into a few times and I got the spins. My walls moved, I knocked my bong over, I felt sick... was fucking horrible.

    Then, the next day I felt dizzy all day and light headed. That night I kept forgetting how to breathe properly... freaked myself out and hyperventilated.
    Last night I kept closing my eyes and getting CEVs of people jumping off of buildings, flying on a dragon's back, flowers growing out of carpet, someone killing themself, etc...

    I just hope tonight I can sleep properly. Fingers crossed, cos damn... scary.
  14. Dayummm dude... what the fuck. quit trippin....
  15. Haha, it was the first time I'd smoked! I took like 6 huge bong hits though, and I'd attended a funeral, and someone I know died... all in one day, so that may have been why. Also, my stuff was pretty damn strong.

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