First High Ride is TODAY

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cky26K, May 1, 2004.

  1. i have always been to scared to go out on the road when im high... but today i am takin a gian leep for tokekind and goin on a highride with sum buddies. gonna be hella fun, and im gonna geek like a mofo... but it will be all good (hopefully)... just wish me luck there arent any 12 year old girls high on maryjane riding their bikes infront of a drive thru... (chapelles show lol)... WISH ME LUCK!!!
  2. Good Luck...and most of all ENJOY!!!!!
  3. so far im pissed off... my buddy hasnt come to pick me up.... =(
  4. ya dude... they are awesome... more about my high ride... my friend ended up not picking me up so im just like fuck him... (im fucked up right now from last nite) .... ya...... well newayz the next day i went over to my other friends house and me and him went to pick my other fridn up at work... then we went downtown, picked up some,, roled a blunt and got fucked up. smoked the roach thismorning in a kids bong. id forgotten that i spent the night at his house lol... i just kinda walked in and crashed... hahaha
  5. Hey wow, you only live about 20 minutes from me!
  6. really? i just noticed u were in pa... didnt know where that town was... omg... im messed up.... got 4 shotguns in the car today... ehehe.... o jeez
  7. Yeah dude, you're really close to TheHempress and I. We're close by Lancaster city, we both live in nearby suburbs. WE'll all have to meet up sometime and hang out. TheHempress and I are smoke buddies that go way back, and we're always looking for more friends and more people to smoke with, expecially people from The City. Most of the people here are great people, and it's hard to find someone that sucks when you're picking people from here ;)
  8. i would... but we would have to do it REAL soon... im movin to missouri in the next 2 months =\

  9. Ah, that's too bad.
  10. ya it kinda sux

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