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First high questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ternalator, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. hey 'yall
    so today i was gonna be alone and bored and iv never been any higher than just a minor buzz (im pretty new to smoking), so i thout it would be a perfect chance to get really, really high. so i made myself a waterfall bong and chopped up sum weed (idk exactly how much but it like half filled a socket bowl) and blazed.

    And then after like 5 minutes i had this insane feeling, like there was pressure building up and pushing outward against my skin and i herd ringing and music. then i kinda felt like i was leaving my body while i was cleanin the weed up. then i just couldnt keep attention and just sat on my couch and just swam in my thouts. Among the best were: I felt like i was a giant with people living on me, everything i herd (like random words from a movie that was one) kept replaying over and over in my head and even that i was like in a dream.

    so im just asking, does it really feel like this wen ur really high or did i just think i was high? and if so, whats some of the most memorable things from your highs?
  2. It could be both, depends on the potency and your threshold really... Most memorable high for me would be my first time i was offered a joint and it felt right, Looked at the sky blazed it went purple :) Sadly i have never had such a good experience to date but i still like Smoking.
  3. i am so jelouse :mad:

    sounds like my first high
  4. Sounds Wacked. If i we're you I'd go sit outside depending on how cold/hot it is, Or even go for a walk.
  5. Sadly, it doesn't always feel like your a giant with people living on you...
  6. It could be both. Your mind does like playing tricks on you, but everyones first real high is certainly like that. (Okay, not everyones but close enough.) Unfortunately, it won't feel like that again (unless you pick up some serious dank).
    Happy blazing dude.

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