First Herbies Order: Impressed

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  1. So I decided to order a few of my outdoor seeds from Herbies Head Shop this year. I had never done business with Herbies before but I have always liked they're website and selection. Good prices too. I settled on ordering 5 x Incredible Bulk Fem and 1 x Quick One Auto. Freebies included were 1 x OG Kush Fem and 2 x Afghani Reg.

    I chose the Super Stealth shipping option which can be selected at NO EXTRA CHARGE. I thought that was nice. I received an email order confirmation within minutes of placing my order on April 18th.. The next day I received another email confirming that my order had been dispatched along with a tracking number. I was able to track my package via Royal Mail while it was still over seas, and then was able to track it via USPS once it entered the US. It arrived at customs in New York on April 22nd. It was transferred to Brooklyn on the 24th and was picked up for delivery on the 25th. The package arrived at my post office about an our ago (8:30am Est April 27th).

    I live on the east coast and it took 9 days to receive my package that was shipped from London (i think). That is pretty impressive if you ask me. The super stealth packaging was also impressive. It had a fake and very believable product description wrote down on the label and inside the parcel the packaging was clever and discreet. I will be ordering from Herbies again and I recommend you do the same!!
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  2. That's is awesome, I'm looking to get some seeds from somewhere but don't know we're yet.. Thinks for the info
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  3. You will not be disappointed with Herbies. Forgot to mention the customer service has been A+
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  4. Ok , probably going with them . I was filling out so information. Have you ever put your phone #. They got some really good deals.. For sure.. How do pay if you don't mind me asking.. Card or money order?
  5. Yes i use a pre paid cell phone as the phone #. I use a card. If you do use one I would recommend using a card that is not linked to your grow address(unless guerrilla growing), also it would be wise to have the billing address and shipping address not be the address you will be growing at. Do not be alarmed if your credit card company calls you to confirm the purchase. Mainly because Herbies bills under the name "Hocus Pocus". My credit card company called me asking if I placed an order with "Hocus Pocus", I said yes and that was the end of it.
    I would definitely spend atleast 50 pounds you get 8 freebies. (1 X OG Kush fem, 2 X Cheese fem, 5 X Afhani)

    Good luck!

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