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  1. I just cut a couple buds off my first plant, a lowryder2, the other day and let them dry in a closet with a fan blowing under the door from the outside. I let it dry for about 3 days and the stem snapped so i put it in a jar to cure, but it smells like shit. The plant smelled fruity as hell but now it just smells like shit ass mids. like hay, or grass. Temp in the closet is like 70 or so and humidity is low like 20 maybe. Any thoughts on how to improve?
  2. From what I understand - The aroma will come back during curing;)
  3. The faster you dry your buds the shittier they will turn out.
  4. Next time put the fan in the closet blowing air out. It will work better. Cure those bad boys and you'll have some good smoke!
  5. thanks for the replies. im trying with the fan in the closet now.
  6. For sure you just want to get that stale wet air out of the closet, that can give you some bad smell. That's the reasoning in case you were curious.

    Let us know how it turns out I'll stay subscribed
  7. Yeah I'm kinda in the same boat. A plant got snapped by a storm before it was ready to harvest and i hung up the buds in my closet. Smelled fruity at first, after three days smelled mildly sweet not fruity and the stems snapped so I threw them in a mason jar. I went to burp the jar and it smelt like shit not really like hay or grass though, just baaaad. I left the lid off for 15 minutes and the bad smell went away but it returns. I don't feel like I didn't dry them long enough; they were getting crispy, and the buds themselves are small and not that dense.
  8. If it smells like shit you need to look carefully for mold.
    If you find small amounts of mold you maybe able to let the buds hang till they dry and hope you get a percentage of smokable herb.

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