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  1. Hello to all! This thread will discuss the to do's; and the how I got to's; of 12 individuals! Today I have some photo's of some 7 week old ladies who - this friday - shall be shocked in bloom cycle! the origin of any of these seeds is unknown, and there is a chance of skunk deisel being among the group! :hello: (anyone care to take a guess?)
    The girls reside in a drip-hydro system (3 buckets, 12 holes in the lid [6-3-3]) 3 water pumps. 2-dual air filters + 2 CFL vita-lume grow lights!

    Just recently my local gardening store hooked me up with a bunch of sweet new toys! The ladies started in a pure water bath incubation period for about 2 weeks, then I switched to a strictly maxi-grow + vita B1 right up until last night, yesterday all the tubs got drained and purified again with pure water - a bunch of root enhancer and some sodium reducer(drip clean)
    (for the newbs) This flush between the vegitation and flowering cycle will give the girls a chance to cleans their bodies of unwanted starches and salts which could result in unwanted taste in your harvest!

    I will let the cleanse last until friday, upon which i will shock them into saturday and begin slowly and incrementally adding flowering nutes!

    for flowering I will be using a mix of maxi-bloom and some new sample treats! I will continue with a fresh post come sat.

    Thanks for reading! all tips/suggestions/criticism welcome.
    now heres the girls

    I know they seem quite small. but they all show full maturity signs and are itching to be flowered. Also keep in mind they may double or triple depending on the size!

    I too have noticed the fluxuation of the closet - left to right and the size of the plants small to large. i rotated the crop and added a under light in hopes they would even out a little more.

    also certain plants i tried Fimming. training, croping, etc. i figured its a mix batch of seeds might as well experiment

    Here is one lady - I Tried a topping technique

    Top chop

    2 king cola's!

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