First Harvest

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  1. From my very first grow to my first harvest; Mandala #1 from Mandala Seeds
    No training , no nutes and a 120w LED light

    Grown from seed in my closet in Canna Terra Pro Plus Soil , vegged for 5 weeks , flowered for 12
    17 weeks in total

    Yielded about 20 grams of bud :smoke:

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  2. Awesome...congratulations
  3. thx , smoke report coming up ;)
  4. Buds smell really sweet , like dried apples as in the description
    Smoke is already very smooth , the high feels like a sativa high , it made me energetic
    Best smoke I've had in a long time :smoke:
  5. Must be awesome getting high off the fruit you grew yourself. Great job, the buds look delicious!
  6. Congrats on your first harvest!! Isn't it great smoking buds that you yourself have grown? The buds look dank, brotha! Keep up the good work.
  7. it is :D can't wait for the next one to be done , had 2 growing and just threw out a male not long ago , hoping the last one is female (crossed fingers)
    I'm about to top it for the second time so if it turns out to be female - next harvest is gonna be killer :smoke:
  8. keep it simple !
  9. Very impressive man! Did you do any flushing? How big was the closet you grew in?
  10. Kinda , I used no nutrients , but I still gave it a shitload of water a week before harvest just to be sure :p
    And the closet is about 45 cm wide, 50 cm long and 170 cm in height (quick measurements with a ruler) so not the biggest... which is why I need fem seeds , cuz there's barely room for one in there lol
  11. You can always produce fem seeds yourself.. Colloidal silver FTW! :)
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    so u were referring to me , I wrote in ur thread lol :smoke:
    btw. wtf is Colloidal silver? :p
  13. What kind of LED did you use?

    Congrats on the happy harvert! Stay high brother!
  14. Triband I found on Ebay :p

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