First harvest worried about bud rot

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  1. Hello,

    I just finished my first grow and have my plant hanging to dry. I waited a couple days more than I'd like to to harvest and within those two days noticed two leaves turning yellow and brown near the buds. I feel like it's more likely that they have just been burned. It's been around 100F + here for the last three days. I'm worried about bud rot but I don't want to start clipping away good buds. Could it be bud rot or are the flowers just burned a little? Everything is green except two buds are a little brown.

    Please help me.

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  2. Your very first picture with you holding the bud. You have bud rot on the end of the bud. The other pictures are really grainy/blurry.
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  3. Could be.

    Are those branches near the bottom of the plant?
  4. Okay I have this and on the main Kola. What should I do?
    Also will drying prevent future bud rot?

  5. Closer to the bottom

    I removed these just to be safe but that's pretty much all there was of it. Might be a tiny bit more but I would be cutting into my cola and I'm still thinking it might be from the sun...

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  6. Pull off any rotted bud and discard it. Check surrounding buds and discard any that show signs of rot/mold. You'll possibly lose more if you don't.

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  7. How humid is your grow area?
  8. Humidity probable 70%+ now I have it drying at around 73-75F and 50% RH hopefully that takes care of everything
  9. Last few days 100F+ and 80-90% humidity and I was flushing for two weeks. That's why I'm not sure if it's bud rot or just burning...
  10. I'm in the final days till harvest on some purple Kush. First time growing purple so the odd color is triggering my mold radar. Another reason to grow in the cooler months.
  11. I was growing auto

  12. That's definitely bud rot, cut it out. You want to avoid the conditions that bud rot/mold thrives in. You need to get to the mold before it spreads and ruins your buds, make sure to get all of it. Any touching other buds will infect them too. Grab yourself some of this next grow and spray at first signs of any mold. : Green Cure Solutions GF8OZ Greencure Fungicide, 8 oz : Patio, Lawn & Garden

    How to Get Rid of Cannabis Bud Rot or Mold (And Prevention!) | Grow Weed Easy
  13. Is it dangerous to dry indoors with bud rot? Can that lead to mold in the house?
  14. No.
  15. All cut out from what I see.
    Thank you everyone.

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  16. Or thin it out if it's close to harvest. Take buds from the big dense colas. Also remove all dead leaf material as that's where bud rot starts. Nice plants though man

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  17. If your growing Autos in a humid environment why not grow sativa dominant autoflowers? They are much more resistant to mold and in my opinion better quality high. They can also yeild more too.

    I have had plants continue to mold in the drying stage but I find most the time the bud rot stops and I'm sure conditions in the drying room make a difference. Once I seen bud rot continue on a drying plant I cut the buds off the stems and dry the buds on a drying rack with a small fan on them in a different room. That works for me.
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  18. Hey man sorry for the late reply. The NYC diesel was suppose to be 60% sativa. Anyway it was my first grow and I made a huge rookie mistake, which I believe led to the bud rot. I defoliated in flowering stage for some stupid unknown reason... I started reading too often and got paranoid. Pretty sure the defoliating led to the bud rot... Anyway I found one bud moldy in the curing jar and got rid of it, cut all the stems off and left the buds. All good smoke now

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