First harvest pics & thanks.

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  1. Just thought I'd post these pics of my first harvest and send out a big thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. The advice from the Grasscity crew got me through spidermites and various deficiencies and I am now the proud owner of a 4.4oz container of sparkling and glorious scented weed which is curing nicely. As an extra bonus I used the trim and stalks to make cannabutter which produced approx 50 delicious brownies, one of which will take out a grown man at 50 paces! Thanks again guys and gals, and for those struggling just like I did, keep going, your efforts will be rewarded.

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  2. Congrats it's awesome having a big pile of bud you grew yourself. :hello:
  3. Beautiful, to bad you don't live down the street from me, we could become best friends. :D
  4. what strain is it?
  5. looks real nice... i love havin a freshly picked crop :D
  6. I always tell people "dont wory so much, its a WEED! just stick with it!"

    see what you get, even when your like "shit these are dead" they come back and you get a good harvest outta it! :) grats!@!!
  7. nice buds man. you gonna grow some more?
  8. No idea what the strain is, just got the seedlings from a mate who also didn't know. And yes, I will certainly be growing some more, I have some white widow female seeds I got from a hemp festival in the UK so hopefully be starting them soon. I got this harvest out of 3 plants, so my 6 seeds if they germinate should do better if I cut out all the mistakes i made last time......thanks again.
  9. If you look close up you can see all the little hairs and all the buds are littered with thc. hmmm looks great dude. whatever happen man, they still look great!
  10. How big were your plants right before you harvested? Just curious, my plants are just starting to bud now.:smoke:
  11. looks great!!
  12. how many plants did u harvest and howmany grams did you get dried?
  13. 3 plants.
    125g total harvest when dried.
    About 4ft tall when harvested.

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