First Harvest (High-Res Photos)

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  1. Hey everyone

    This is my first post here, figured I'd make it memorable with pics of my first-ever harvest.

    Brutal honesty is appreciated!

    What I used:
    CFLs + Reflector
    Small grow tent ("pandafilm")
    80mm PC fans for cooling
    "Botanicare" Neuts
    Combination of soils (Mostly foxfarms, some OSH bat guano based)

    How I fucked up:
    No PH control whatsoever
    No temperature control (well, not a stable temperature, slow fluctuations between 69-80 F)
    No Intake/Outtake system
    Neut burn and/or deficiencies
    Poor placement, not enough soil, stupid etc.
    Fairly sure one or both got pollinated by one of the males/herm

    For the fun stuff:
    2 plants (Originally 5, 2 were male, 1 hermied)
    Purple Afghan (Kush?) from clone
    GDP from clone (not yet harvested)

    Pictures: From the beginning when I first brought them home... to the lightly trimmed shrub. (the one with the beer can is the hermie)

    I'll upload some of the GDP when its done.

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  2. So sugary looking, niiiice :3
  3. Wow I want my plants to grow like that but all I have is seeds from regular possibly arizona not sure there just seeds from bags people smoked and my friends
  4. Looking good man. Let me ask you, were the last two weeks really this significant in the bud size production? Everyone tells me that the last two weeks are when the buds are growing really fast.
  5. @MissBakedAlaska: Thanks! I just hope its high lives up to the pics. :p

    @MrPluto: Like I said, I started with 5... and 2 ended up being male and 1 turned out to be a hermaphrodite. I'd say that this is most likely because I used "bag seed" for those. Honestly, if you want to grow just use those seeds from your friends. Just be aware that seeds, unlike clones, can become male. Furthermore, if you stress out any of them, they can become hermaphrodites.

    @HypnoticElement: Yeah both of the plants buds really fattened up in the last 2 weeks or so. However, I really noticed a change in size (growth) when I started using the "flowering" neuts.
  6. Damn son what you get just like a dimebag or something? jk
    good job bro. proud of ya.
  7. Cut & Dry 23 grams :)
    Haven't tried it yet though

    @guerillastyle Cheers bro

  8. Damn nice haul man, considering the set backs you described! Those buds look very dank.
  9. Isn't there away to stress the plant to become female I heared it was possible but it was a rumor like I would stress the plant but befor I can do that I want to know if its true or not
  10. @thaSPACEkadet thanks man, they're almost dry now, I can't wait to try em'

    @MrPluto I've only heard of stressing to become hermaphroditic. If you expose flowering females to light during the "off" part of the 12/12 they can "gain" male parts. Never heard of the other way around =\
  11. Looks really good man I have my first harvest coming soon I start flowering next week. Lets hope its a girl!

  12. yea like rubixd says, I think stress only cause males.
  13. The word "stress" is a very relative term. When you say that arbitrarily it makes it seem like even the smallest amount of stress WILL make your plants turn, and this simply is not true. Yes stress can do that and sometimes just a tiny amount. In my experience though it takes a fair amount of stress and generally light stress inside to actually turn a plant even a little, and then again I have had perfect light water and temps before in rooms and fine grows that had plants turn with almost zero stress at all. I am not geneticist but I would think specific genetic traits in certain strains would produce a property genetically in the strain that would cause less stress to turn that strain. I have grown Northern Lights Heirloom style strain for years and never had one turn even under medium stress but it could just be that NL is more resistant to the common stresses. Hopefully people will not confuse things like Low stress training with "stressing" a plant.
  14. I do not believe genetically this is possible in this species of plant life. I am not sure that it is possible in any sexually reproducing plant life. To the best of my knowledge you cannot turn a male plant female. It has to do with reproduction. The reason the female of the species has this ability is survival outdoors. In reality the plant has no idea it is indoors all it knows is it is getting light water and nutrients or it is not. When stress occurs that for whatever reason seems to indicate to a female that something has gone wrong with the weather, like an early frost or cold weather sets in sooner than it normally does in an area an outdoor plant sometimes will turn itself genetically so that it can start producing male flowers as well and then pollinate itself so that the species can survive to the next warm season. I am sure there are other stresses as well in a warmer climate that does not see frost outside but I do not and have never lived in one so I cannot really talk about those kinds of stresses at least outdoors. Indoors you have complete control so light stress and that stuff should not occur except by accident or negligence.
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    Kind sir, to correct your assumption, YES!, it is more than possible for a male plant to turn female, and a female plant to turn male. It is not genetics, it is more aligned to morphogenesis and systematics of plant taxa. If a Cannabis decides it's sex due to multiple outside factors, these are morphogenesis related. In simple terms, morphogenesis refers to 'how the parts are made'. What is strange is that the majority of plants are hermaphroditic, and the few plants that have a specific sex are just downright strange. In single sex plants, they can revert from one sex to another, if the correct "combination" is unlocked. Sometimes, the more common route, is that both sexes will appear.

    The possibility of a cloned female turning into a male is VERY slim, however is possible. Same of a male. The more common route is the plant to dial in both sexes simultaneously.
  16. Looks DANK! What an amazing first grow! How much did you yield from all the plants? How many plants did you have?
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    So there is a way of doing is there a correct way of doing it or do I have to stress the plant to a herm to make it easier or what just in case I have nothing but males growing :-/

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