first harvest - 1 plant 4.5 oz - super sensi star

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by oneshot, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. gc, this is my first grow, i harvested 4.5 oz of dry super sensi star from one plant. my medium was coco, and i hand-fed with canna A+B and biobizz topmax.
    didnt check ph or run-off throughout the grow. still resulted in some smooth, dank bud :smoke:




    wouldnt be possible without the grasscity community, thankss everyone :gc_rocks:
  2. Thats great for your first harvest. What kinda lights where you using?
  3. let me be the first to say, that looks like a fantastic first grow! good job.

    edit: shit! i was beat to the punch
  4. WOW!,looks bomb bay,have fun with all that bud :smoking:

  5. thanks :D umm i used a single 400 watt grolux hps, cost about £20/$30

  6. thanks zack :D as i said wouldnt be possible without gc :hello:
  7. wuld be sweet if u culd get some better bud pics ;d

    but other then that def looks great for not doing shit but watering and feeding

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