First haircut

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. Well after giving the girls a heavy trim and topped a few I can see what I have and honestly I will probably only flower 4 of these but take cuttings from all 8 and give the other 4 to a friend to put outside for the summer IMG_20230328_084106836.jpg IMG_20230328_084208815.jpg IMG_20230328_084214904.jpg IMG_20230328_084129973.jpg IMG_20230328_084106836.jpg IMG_20230328_084208815.jpg IMG_20230328_084214904.jpg IMG_20230328_084129973.jpg IMG_20230326_121211186.jpg
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  2. the last picture was before
  3. Just create a grow journal rather than posting a new thread everytime you do something to those plants.
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  4. What he said ^^^^^^^^
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  5. Agree
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  6. Ok I get it you guys are sick off me and my plants sorry to waste your time
  7. No it's not that, do a journal on your grow and you don't have to start a new thread each time you want to share something about your plants.
    Also you can always go back to your journal and look what you did a year ago to see things you may of forgot.
    Plus you got pictures you can always go and retrieve if you want to.
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  8. If you see some threads like yours you can tag along and compare styles, if op don't mind.
    Or you can put it all in a journal, I've yet to do that myself.
    Plants are looking good !:)
  9. It's the exact opposite, in fact. When you create a new thread, we have to find your new thread, rather than following the same thread. Also, you have provided different details about your grow in all the different threads. In order to feel out your whole grow, and provide insight, we have to visit 15 different threads. Just start one called "sosogrows garden," always post there, and we can easily follow along and would have all your grow info in one place. It makes it easier for us to help and care.
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  10. haircut lol
    When I chopped a plant over 10 years ago on thctalk(gavin) I called it that, been a long time since I heard that.
  11. There they are, hello girls! I like your environment numbers too, love to run a drier room than most.
  12. i have a humidifier but in veg i just go with the weather flower time to me is when humidity can be a problem but i never had PM yet
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  13. 24 hours later they are bouncing back great glad I had the guts to do it this second picture is the bagseed from the dispensary cookies Blanco I am so hoping it's a girl the bud it came out of was great stuff I plan on cloning the shit IMG_20230329_114811627.jpg IMG_20230329_114941473.jpg out of it if she is female

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