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  1. so i decided to plant autoflowers outdoors. i recieved 18 autoflowers and recieved 16 free seeds from herbies seed shop.i germ all autoflowers and 6 or the free seeds (all of these 24 seeds were feminized) and planted. well i decided to go straight into the ground as choppers DO come around and figured was smarter than using pots. i planted all 24 in same general area and i went out the next door and lost 6due to deer :(
    I then went and got a spray called deer bgone for rabvbits and deer and a thing of something you spread arouynd to deteur several different animals. well in the mean time since my 6 were all dug up by bambi and his crew i germed 6 of the other free seeds (non fem) and planted 3 days ago. i came to my area early today and again i had several dug up. i dug asround the dirt some and actually found 6 of the plants that were dug up. now onto the questions....
    1.   the 6 sprouts i found dug up (4 were 3 days old and 2 were 8 days old) didnt seem too beat up. i immediatly put the root/plant str8 into the ground which was already wet and covered them up (except the leaves). is there any chance for survival?
    2. i did not have any issues with deer after i sprayed the first time until today and it lasted about a week. the spray says to use every 30 days i aslo have irish spring soap spread on the ground all over the grow area. apparently neither of these are very good at keeping deer away :( any ideas on what to try next?
    i feel as if i rambled a little bit but im also stoned :) any answers will be greatly appreciated and any other comments,advice, suggestions will all be appreciated also!

  2. Heard garlic can be good, don't know if it true though
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    Surround your plants in chicken wire?
  4. garlic is the truth
  5. i dont want to use any wire or fencing or anything to that affect as i have choppers in the area and feel it is a giveaway. and garlic is a thought. i have also heard ground pepper?
  6. surround them with chicken wire and good sized string sticks in the ground to keep it enforced from winds. make a little door that you can open and close with pipe cleaners or something. bring a hand saw if you have one. also pee around where your area is so they dont come near. they dont come near human smell. but some organic natural pesticide for spider mites as well. spray the whole plant. buy only organic natural pesticide to do this because other are harmful to you bud cause the bud not to be safe to consume. 
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    dude you're being a little over-concerned and paranoid about the choppers; the probability of a helicopter flying over your plants and much less spotting them during the time you have chicken wire installed is extremely low. You'll only need chicken wire while the plants are small and vulnerable which would be for a few weeks, you could also spray paint them dark green to camouflage them into the environment. 
    Anyways, a physical barrier is obviously going to be your most reliable solution but I've heard that dog hair, urine, garlic, and moth balls were all effective deterrents; rotate and vary the scents you use because animals will see no threat in a consistent scent with a lack of predatory presence. 
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     leave the chicken wire around your plants all the time because of the deer. leave dog hair if you have a dog and let your dog piss around the area. you piss around the area. put mothballs not close to the site but near and before you plant next time put a banana peel in the hole to feed your plants.
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    If ur worried about fencing beingvisible u can lay it flat for a few feet aroundur plant. It confuses the deer when they step on it and get detterredfrom walkingover the fencing. Worked for my plants when I grew in the midwest years ago. Also left piss jugs arou1nd the plants and dog hair tucked into the fencing.
  10. I have 2 ft tall chicken wire around my plants. You can buy green plastic mesh or the aluminum. I bought the metal and spray painted it green to blend into the foliage. There is also 3ft tall native grasses surrounding my grow so my plants are safe inside the fencing and it's virtually invisible until you're about 10ft away.
    From my experience so far, Cannabis seeds are very high in protein so any squirrel or chipmunk will go for them right away. Once they're about 1-2 weeks old deer will start tearing them apart. Save yourself the time and buy some fencing that's 2ft tall, it's tall enough for chipmunks up to rabbits. Then take sticks about 3-4 foot tall and run fishing wire around the perimeter of your fencing. When a deer hits the fishing line that it cannot see the animal will be spooked and dart off.
     It's the safest yet stealthiest method I've though of so far. Spraying only works for so long and the animals get used to the scent so after time it doesn't work; and if a chopper spots some green fencing and sticks with fishing like around it, you're growing in the wrong spot.
  11. If you in UK don;t worry about helicopters
    also a small 2ft fence isnt noticeable, there is no another effective way to stop deer
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  18. Brown eyed susan tea works wonders and it doesnt hurt the plant at all. Deer have eaten my plants no matter how much hair, piss, and garlic ive used. I got hip to this last year and not one nibble was taken from my ladies. Get some brown eyed susans and boil them in water and then put it in a spray bottle and mist your plants after every rain. The brown eyed susans are terrible tasting to deer and once they get it in their mouth, theyll find their meal elsewhere.
  19. Liquid fence grannuals worked for me so far, i also have a fishing line and a 3' chicken wire fence. But since i put the liquid fence around, no more deer trails near my plants.

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