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  1. let me start out by saying thanks to all you guys who come out and help us noobs out! it's you guys that make us into experience growers and we pass the wealth along with the J! So for my first grow I got All auto's Berry ryder Trans Siberian Ultra Lemon Haze and Ice cool for lights I'm using cfl's I got 2 320 watt cfl's and 15 100 watt cfl's (I got this all for free lucky me! ) A few questions I have check out my plants let me know how they're doing and I'll ask my questions I know it takes forever to reply but I just need to know how my babe's are doing AND how to LTS at the veg part of our cycle and dont mind the black pot my cfl fell ontop of it and i'm trying to grow the leafs back by burring the stem CHECK ME OUTTTT :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello: I Thought the dbz would be funyy ahha sorry super high

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  2. Looking good, I'm doing my first grow with autos and cfls too. So sounds like you have plenty of bulbs there, what spectrun are they and how many plants are you growing?
  3. Yeah boy. Your gonna be doing some real gardening soon. Good for you rep slap
  4. congrats. off to a good start. keep temps stable and your lights as close as possible. also ph is very important. make sure ur keeping an eye on it. doesn't take much to get outta hand. you're growing auto's so any time they spend in shock or burned, you will not be able to get back and yield will suffer.
  5. 2,140 watts? WOAH!

    That's a monster first grow - good luck man! And people answer very quickly here, no worries. You'll get all the help you need.
  6. those wattage numbers are not the real ones, theyre the bullshit incandescent equivalent... and that seedling lacks light hardcore, for now one CFL of any size would be enough but you gotta keep it really close to it - try 1 inch.
  7. While they're vegging should there be two lights per plant? like 2 100 watt and one 320 each plant?
  8. and what should I do about the plant that got fucked? My dumb ass girlfriend dropped it on the plant and it's kinda fucked so i buried the stem any more advice?
  9. and with my set up what's the least amount of lights i could use per plant? It gets a little crowded in there lol
  10. CFL's u need 100watts per plant, thats about (5) 23w actual (60w output) bulbs per plant. This info is just what ive read alot on. I dont use cfls or grow indoors but its solid advice around here.

  11. thats right, but for now one bulb per plant is totally sufficient. the trick with fluorescents always is to keep them super close to the plants.

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