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  1. GERMINATION: well I started my first growing about a week ago. I took the seeds an germinated them in a wet paper towel about eight(8) seeds, out of the eight(8) seeds I got six(6) of them to germinate in about two(2) days.

    GROWING: I planted them on saturday with a two(2), 2-Liter pepsi bottle I washed out completely with water and a little bit of soap but, made sure all the soap was out and then let them sit outside in the sun overnight to dry. Sunday I some miracle grow soil and planted the germinated seeds four(4) of them inside with the two(2) bottles and then the other two(2) I put outside.(Tested which one would work better). Yesterday they sprouted in the bottles they are about a inch high and really green. I dont use any artifical light I put them on the window seal before school (8 A.M or so) and then take them off at night around six(6) or seven(7) P.M.

    How long should I leave them in the bottles? It creates like a greenhouse effect because the water evaporates to the top then rains back down on them so me watering them is slim to none because it stays damp in there.

    Should I transplant them outside? When?


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  2. i added pictures...I think i did it wrong and planted two(2) in the same going to transplant right now into larger container...
  3. right. one plant per container. seperate them.
  4. i seperated them all four(4) tonight and put them under a desk light for now so during the day they go outside or on my window seal and then ill be putting them outside in about a week or two depending or how high the plants are...

    what do you guys recommend waiting to put them outside??
  5. can seperating my plants or transplanting them cause them to go into shock??

    thanks i need help cuz its day 2 after they sprouted but they didnt grow any over night jus the same i thought maybe they were in shock
  6. absolutely. Give it a couple days and use a light dilution of B1 with your next watering.
  7. if your planning on growning outdoors now is the time to put them out there and just a little hint dont use mircale grow soil ask the person at the store whats the best soil for growing tomatos and you will get awesome soil.
  8. ok, ill go and get better soil. also, there about 2 inches with 4 leaves on them im going to put them outside in big pots so i dont have to keep transplanting them but now can I put like horse shit or dog shit on them for fertilizer...should I have holes in the bottom of the planters outside?? or no?


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