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First grower, WW2 Pork style!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by WhoNeedSeeds, May 31, 2009.

  1. Started 2 fem'd GHS white widows approx 3.5 weeks ago in small plastic cups and have already transplanted them about 1.5 weeks ago into this pots that are a decent size, but not huge. I plan to transplant them very soon so maybe someone can advise me if they think they have outgrown the current pots. Wanna thank my man Mr. Pork which I have learned about everything (from one single thread)! You give us all inspiration buddy! My first two seeds unfortunetly died due to the heaven rains of the time so these are the second two. One has minor burn on the bottom leaf and is getting better (lightfulb fell on it). That is why I think it's growth might be noticeable less than the other (it also sprouted 3 days later. On to the pics

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  2. lookin good! good luck:wave:
  3. These look tremendous. Will you be transplanting into the ground? You may need to get a second set of hands to get them out of those type of pots. Let them dry out before attempting to transplant and put them in a nice airy mix...based mostly on peat with perlite. Use Promix BX if you can get it, it's premixed with perlite. I don't think they have quite outgrown these pots yet so you have a little time. Oh when you tranplant them bury them up to the first set of fan leaves, covering the cotyledons completely. Keep me in the loop.

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