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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by InfernalSavior, Nov 29, 2011.

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    alright guys, so i'm about a week into my first indoor grow. i didn't have much money, so i'm only using 2 cfl's, at 3200 lumens per sq. ft at 5000 kelvin.
    at first i didn't think the two cfl's would be enough to grow a bodacious, beautiful cannabis plant but i was wrong. these lights seem to work a lot better than i originally anticipated. as stated, i'm about a week(maybe a little more) into my first grow and i've already seen so much progress.

    she's already started showing her sex, i believe, despite still being in the vegetation stage. at all of the nodes where the branches connect to the main stem, there are two little things sticking out that seem to shoot off into two different directions. they look like pistils. they're green though, like the plant, so i'm not sure if that's just new branch growth or what.. she's starting to smell just a little bit too.

    has anyone else seen preflowering this early, without inducing it purposely? i got her on an 18/6 so she should just be vegging right?
  2. that sounds like your branches when they first start growth under 18/6 only auto flowering strains should flower
  3. you are going to want to get 2700k CFLs for flowering. The more the merrier.

    I know what your talking about with the things on the stem at each node. That's not showing sex. Mine started showing sex in veg under 19/5 after like 4 weeks.

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