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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by closetgrow67, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Whats up Grasscity?
    I am about a month or so into my first grow. I am beginning the Veg stage now. I was hoping to get some advice from more seasoned people here in the forums. I know that many times there are several posts with similar topics, but I hope that my cataloging of experience as well as your input will make this a beneficial experience for all involved. I will post pictures later tonight. Take it easy on me guys. This is my first time.
  2. I think your a little confused. As soon as your seed sprouts, it's started the vegatative stage, Root development and green growth... cant be a month into the grow and just starting veg.

    The whole time the plant is alive its either vegging, or flowering.
  3. Im not classing sprouting and root development as vegging.
  4. So... do you have a question?
  5. Well thanks for the correction I don't want to sound like too much of a dumbass. Here are the pictures I mentioned.





  6. Additional pictures sorry for the earlier repeat. Just looking to get some more experienced eyes to look at them.

  7. How much light?

    Miracle grow = bad
  8. I was wondering if it is normal for cotyledons to die during early growth? Is that an indication of a nutrient problem?
  9. on my first grow too. the bottom leaves on my plant died too. could be normal. if the top leaves start to go then there could be problems
  10. Nice pics here.

    Please, please, please stay away from Miracle Grow. It's complete crap, even if the price tag is awesome.

    If you need to save some money, use Jungle Juice from Advanced Nutrients. Really basic stuff and perfect for newbies. And cheaper than GH which is going to help your budget.

    Newbie mistake to let your budget determine how you grow. really, if you're going to do any growing, you might as well do it up right, you know...
  11. my cotledons die around 4 weeks in with no nutes when they are yellowing i feed :)

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