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  1. Ok so me and my roommate have been smoking for years, and we decided that we were tired of paying for smoke and would give growing a try. Well we arent big timers or anything so we each got a couple of seeds that we got lucky and found in some dank, and germinated in papertowels. We each picked one that we though would be the strongest, and due to our budget these babies grew under 60 watt irradescent bulbs, in miracle grow potting soil. We gave them 18 hours of light a day for the first couple of months, and gave them fertilizer every 2-3 weeks. We werent really expecting much, because we didnt spend much, it was mostly just an experiment, but they really shot up and stayed very healthy the whole time (at least it sure looked like it, im no botanist). Well 1 of the 2 plants we had turned out male so we chopped it up :mad: . But the other luckily was a female, and we went out and got a few 40 watt flouros, and set the light to 12-12. Well she flowered like a beauty all the way until it was harvested, just a tad early, due to some circumstances. Well wouldnt you know it, the day after the harvest, it got taken up by the pigs. I wont get in to the whole story but my roommate and i never got to taste the bud. But we did get some killer pics before the harvest. So what do yall think? How does it look for our first attempt, and considering the equipment we used?

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  2. That bitch looks PLUSH for what you used!!! Whatever you did, you were doin it right! I would hate to grow something like that, and not get to enjoy the fruits of my labor

    Sorry about your luck, try again!
  3. Looks great man... I hope my buds look that nice when I do my first grow.

    My heart goes out to you for getting your harvest jacked, what a tragedy!

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