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  1. This is my first grow..not to sure what to expect...just lookin for some free smoke :/
    My friend from spain sent me the seeds "sweet purple" i believe he said, and im growin in my bedroom on the sly...any tips or advice on what i should do, i use rain water and recently a friend gave me some light that he previously used and they have been growing fast and well....

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  2. Hey look at that!!
    That is cool. If you can get a few more of those lights that would be great. If not, that will be fine for now. Its probably going to need to be fed soon. Do you have a plan for that? Rain water is the best water for the plants, keep that up if you can. Good luck man and welcome to GC.
  3. what is fed ?.. i might be able to get another light im not to sure i hope i can
  4. i think he meant feed as in feeding ur plants some food as in nut, i recommend u dun over waterem or ull be geting root rot faster than u can say Marijauana. your plants lookin good so far, get one ,more light, but u dun need to worry till flowering season. also u need some reflectors. Good Luck and welcome to GC
  5. Yes you will need to feed the plant with fertilizer.
  6. ferterlizer hey, what is a good ferterlizer for me to buy...any adice ?
  7. You can get some 20-20-20 at a local nursery or you could order direct from an internet hydroponics site. There are probably about 1000 different kinds of fert so, do a search on Grass City to see which one is right for you.
  8. From what I've read 30-20-20 seems to be popular except your supposed to water it down 1/2 way so it's 15-10-10. So i've read, I could be incorrect.
  9. that sounds bout right.
    what iv heard from readin GC is that 20-20-20 is best for veg, then switch to 10-10-10 for flowering..
  10. When you dilute it the NPK ratio does not change, concentration just gets well, diluted. Yes it is a good idea to give it at half strength or even quarter strength, the first time you feed it.
  11. i am giving you props on that grow setup, very nice for a stealth grow, i like!

    |edit|| try to pick up some CFL's dirt cheap, and they works great, i would say get like 3 or 4 and them babies will be growin real nice, good luck on your grow man! its fun!
  12. im not sure if i really wanna grow anymore well i do but m getting to paranoid about getting caught.. to be honest i should grow long untill i should flower if they are females do you think ? and roughly how long would that take ?
  13. Are you paranoid about your parents finding out or the cops?
  14. both to be honest..i cant really get caught by the police and my parents would go fuckin ape
  15. Well than outside doesn't make a difference. If they catch you attending to the plants even if they are on someone else's property they can still nab you.
  16. If the cops catch you growin in your parents house they can arrest your parents be very carful...dont wana piss of your parents and get em indited!ha..
  17. what if my parents dont know..if i planted outside it wouldnt matter coz id plant it some distance from anywhere but i dont know if my plants would survive because of the wind etc long would they take to bud inside and would i need more lights ?
  18. here are the latest pics anyway..they grow so fast

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  19. hey do you knwo what kinda light your using?? im in the same sit as you! i mean i have my own place with my roomie and im in an appt where peple always blaze.. against my wishes but my roomie doesnt care aand his GF MIGHT be a bigger stoner than me and her and her 1 friend are always crashing here to blazed so im worried those guys might get me rolled.. and ive already got 1 felony on my record... fucking utah laws and underage shit sticking on your record... (3 days in utah and i got caught... FUCKKKKKK) nyways... i learned your mistakes stick around so now im super paranoid... im not sooo worried about someone seeing... more the smell and power usage and neighbors smelling or the landlord noticing... i do have a terrarium swtup with a 200w light that i can turn on if cops ever show to check power and say its all for my loizard but im still sketched as hell...

    fucking laws.... haha.. nyway...looks soooooooo good and i hope mine get that [pretty... .hahah... let med know what your using!!!!


  20. "They" say if you want to plant outdoors do it on someone else's property (of course in a remote unvisited area). That way if the cops discover the dope, they will question the property owner. If she legitimately does not know about it and they have no other evidence, the trail ends there. If you plan to grow outside start seedlings inside with a fan, that way when you transplant outside they are ready for the wind.

    Exile if you plan to grow inside an apartment, don't tell the girlfriends even if they are cool and toke with you. Girlfriends come and go and if the "go" part is not under great terms, they will rat you out in a heartbeat. Just my opinion though. Also, if the cops do happen to storm the gates your aquarium will not throw them off. They will tear the place up to find what they are looking for. Get a wattage light that is under 400 and I would not think they would notice too much of a power bill.

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