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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Elroy420, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. just started my first grow about 3 weeks ago i think. im using a cheap hydro system with fluoros. i did some trimming about 5 days ago as you can see. i think it is pretty good for just a small closet grow.

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  2. Looks good.
    Nice and green.
    Keep it up and welcome to the City.
  3. looks good for a first grow.
  4. the one plant does seem to be stretching though, what kind of lights are you using?
  5. i ran out of money and could only get 3 small fluoros and one burned out rather quickly and then i have some other growlight from a store. im getting another job soon which means better lightage which means better plantage. thanks for the comments. its actually not as hard as one might think to grow.!:smoking:
  6. You might want to think about LST to give your plants better light coverage, otherwise good job :smoking:
  7. Yes tie them down, and watch them bush out, the advantage of that is ya bring the top down so those bottom branches catch up so they are basically all even at the top, with Fluoro lighting this is important so the light will get even penetration and thus also increasing your yield, and thats what it's about. Just experiment thats the fun thing of this hobby, and remember what works for others may not work for you, everyones set-up is different, good luck
  8. hey thanks alot for the tips and i actually started LST earlier today. and it is just so much fun watching your babies grow in all different ways.:smoking:
  9. here are some recent pics. any tips or advice or criticism is is now 4 wekks or something idk?? its my first grow. how does everyone think its doing??

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