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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Newbie87, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,
    So this is my first grow and i just wanted to see if this would actually work. Took some bag seeds, threw them in dirt and wished for the best:rolleyes:
    Let me know if you guys think this is worth it or should i just stop?

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  2. Are they going to be indoor plants or outdoor? The bigger one is ready for a bigger pot.
  3. Why stop? They look fine to me. :)
  4. lookin good. look into some better potting soil when you transplant. the one on the right is prolly smaller because theres not enough dirt.

  5. No room to expand.....

    OP TRANSPLANT SOON!!! and try to invest in your plants.
  6. Thanks all. appreciate the feedback.
    Yes they are indoor plants i have a grow box setup for them.
    The thing is i don't want them to get too big cause of the limited space in my box.
    They might be a foot in height.
    Any soil recommendations? The second plant is smaller cause its 2 weeks old.
  7. Trying to work with what i have. i know its not the best idea but after i get a better job ill spoil my baby's:hello:
  8. the healthy one needs to be transplanted outta that cup soon and the smaller one needs more soil but besides that they look fine good luck !

    hopefully you can mature them with enough space in your box but your yeild will be way smaller than if you had enough room
  9. Transplanted both about an hour and a half ago and everything went fine.:D
    I'm only looking to get 14 grams off each. (hopefully)
    Any tips for fertilizers or can i just use dirt and feed them with a nutrient/water mix?

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