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  1. hey guys Im new here and new to growing as well. I picked up the tricks and what not from friends who have grown in the past. But this is my first time and i wanted to get some feedback. so please be helpful with criticisms but dont be harsh ;]

    what i got: Sunleaves Pulsar Two-Way Mini (400w HPS) 12/12 light cycle
    my grow room is about 3ft long by 2ft wide. this is a closet grow unfortunately.

    nutrients: house and garden
    grow medium: coco
    so feel free to tell me whats up.
  2. Why are you starting out with 12/12?
  3. I would assume 12/12 is a typo. Def do not want to do that. If its a closet make sure you have thought of proper ventilation. A 400 watt HPS will generate some mighty heat youll bake everything if don't. Closets tend to also be insulated as well. You will need something more then the crack under the door.
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  5. What is it that you need help with? If there in flowering stage then 12/12 and keep doing that till its harvest time. Feed water etc.
  6. i dont really need help as far as i am concerned, just critique, and advise.

    here is a on how they are doing, i just trimmed them today so more light can reach the buds.

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  7. I think they look good. What week of flower is it in? How high is that light from the tops? Do you know the strain? No mylar on the walls? We need DETAILS to be critical

  8. week 2 day 5 (day 19 of flowering).
    the light is about 1ft 6' away from the tops.
    3 white widows, and 2 pot o' golds.
    no mylar on the walls.
  9. Sounds and looks good I would invest in mylar if you want a little more bottom growth and is that as close as you can get the light but overall 19 days in looks like the tops are gonna fill out nicely
  10. hi mate , im a noob on my first grow in garden shed and am wondering why u hav trimmed your leaves in that manner ? sorry if its a stupid question but iv never seen that before only on clones .

  11. do you know how much mylar is by the foot or how do they sell it?

    i could get it closer but i feel it would fry my babies

  12. its all good man, i am on my first grow as well so we are all learning here, gotta be a noob at some point right? but to the question, i trimmed my leaves like that so the bottom buds can no get more access to light sine b4 the light was not reaching them because of how many leaves were covering them.

    this can be debatable im not sure if its good or bad really, but to my knowledge, more light to bud= better bud.
  13. its £4 for 5m x 2m on ebay in uk fella , not sure where u are ?
  14. there seems to be differing opinions on that , i suppose ul make up your own mind with experience ,i personally arent going to do anything this time as its my first grow , im gonna let them do thier thing and see how that goes , but good luck your girls are looking good .
  15. got 5 myself fella gh seeds super bud and a.m.s and im 11 days into flowering ,so be watching yours closely so as to know what to expect. i got some temp issues at the moment , its cold in the nights at the moment in uk but its about to get warmer so they should be sound .
  16. I'm not sure how much per foot 20$ should buy you enough to do that small space it don't have to go as high as the light. I know lowes and home depot has mylar duct wrap for like 15 a roll it works nice I know people who use it and it would definitely be enough to cover your area. And as far as light goes I think its pretty much standard that if you can comfortably hold your hand under the light at the tops of the plants its ok that's how I'm doing it anyway the closer it can safely be the better.....V

  17. very nice. ya im in the usa so ill figure out how much they mylar is worth.
    link a picture of your ladies. ya it was getting really hot for me unfortunately so i had a temp problem as well. get good air flow going from outside source and you can fix your temp issue.

  18. ya i think at the distance i am at right now the heat is perfect, if i move it closer bad news. but for mylar thanks for the info man, ill have to get some for my 2nd grow next time.
  19. For sure BRO I'm on my first grow too but have done a lot of research on tent set ups watts per square foot nutrients lumens and the cool thing is you can ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW good luck I'll keep my eye out for ya. It would be cool if you keep this thread updated on there progress I'm very interested in what that 400w light can produce...V
  20. 17 bucks for a 50x50 roll. I bought one its alot. Dunno about your home depot/lowes but at mine they were clueless when I asked if they sold it lol. Gave me a odd look.

    HTG Supply - 50 feet by 50 inch roll of Mylar - 2 mil

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