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  1. Hey GC,

    This is my second post on my first grow, if that makes any sense?

    The first plant is about 3.5 weeks old and the other two I strated germing on the first of May. I mainly wanted to post this because I dont really know the first thing about growing and I wanted some feedback. The lights I have are 2 1900 Lumen flourescent bulbs, also I have a small fan blowing fresh air at them 24/7. The lighting time was 18/6 for most of the time but i've switched it to 24/0 in hopes that will produce females (not sure if I have my facts straight.) Also I was hoping someone could maybe sex the oldest plant, I couldent see any pistils but maybe I just dont really know what to look for.

    Anyway, thanks for checking out my grow and I'll try to keep you posted.


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  2. Nothing??
  3. Dude, i really dont mean to be rude or a downer cause i have respect for all growers here... butt. We have a whole section here on GC for Beginners. Dude to Flower your plants it needs to be on a 12/12 cycle and after about 1.2 - 1.5 months of veg atleast if you want to have any bud production over an ounce. and you need good soil. a lot of light and ideal conditions (humidity/nutrients etc). You cant sex your plants unless you flower or your babies decide to pre-sex for you. depending on veg. time. There is a whole section on here for new growers, Stickies everywhere on how to grow, what soil to use, lighting, everything you can possibly need to know. plus many many experienced Blades on this site. from my experience this is THE BEST SITE FOR INFO and having a good community of growers and smokers alike to chat it up and help one another out like us Stonners were meant to do. Make peace not war :) Hope i could help man :) let me know if you need anything else :)

    Canadian RooR
  4. Hello and let me just add that I am waiting to see a pre-flowering first before I induce the 12/12 cycle. My reason is that I need to know who is male and who is female so that I can remove the males and feel confident that when those lights are off for 12 hours, a sneaky male ball wont pop and f*ck my sht up. I started mine last week of April so we are kinda alone the same timeline. Mine are showing 5 finger leafs and I'm still waiting for pre-flowers lol. This post says indoor grow journals so its a little "grey" as to what it can be interpreted as. Plants looking good btw. Good luck

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