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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ferkashterk, May 19, 2010.

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    ok, that's not mine but the leaves of mine look like that. well, the jagged ones are smaller than the first two, and all four leaves combined can fit on a dime so they aren't that big.

    what is weird is that the leaves are very tiny and the stem is over 3 inches tall, in parts it is white, green and in one part purple ish, but the whole stem is covered with very tiny white hairs.

    it's been about a week since it sprouted, add maybe another week since germination (i soaked the seeds in a cup of water, this one started sprouting in the cup). i have been doing it very n00b style, tap water, plain potting soil and bag seeds from mids. i figure it's my first grow and i just want to give growing a shot.

    does this sound weird? also, it leans toward the sun, and changes which way it's curved (almost a 45 degree angle, im using sunlight indoors, put it outside when it's not raining or cold) within like an hour
  2. you need more light:eek: thats why it stretching. get it under a cfl for 24-0 get the ones that say2700 or blue color,,or daylight. you need 100 watts used per plant. happy growin:D
  3. for what ur doing it looks fine...
    you can add some dirt to the pot it there is room...
    once ur serious theirs allot that you can do to make her environment better..
    All the info is here in the city....

    gluck buddy
  4. yeah, this isn't to make money or anything like that, pretty much just wanted free buds and to give it a try. i didn't want to go buying anything just yet because i'm still not sure if growing is for me, i mean it would be awesome if it worked out and i got a big yield but it's not that important
  5. i started a grow just like this..tap water, reg soil, mid seeds, and it looks the same as this..except its only been in the soil for 3 days?. hopefully get some lights soon, the plants just arent getting enough light in my yard...anyone got suggestions on cheap lights i could use lol

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