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  1. live in an apartment and have a always wanted to grow a however can only grow indoors. i would only want to grow a small amount such as 4 plants. what would the total rough cost be and long would it take to fully grow them. ive heard of growing in closets but their has to be a better method. im renting so i can't leave any evidence of growing or at the very least minize it :cool:
  2. well if u type in stealth grow there are alot of ways to hide it and a 150hps can run you from about 70 to 100 bucks depending on where you stay
  3. I bought a wardrobe that would fit in my closet so I don't have to mess with the actual closet. The only way anyone would notice its not really being used for clothes is if they were looking for it.

    I would say I have invested around $500 so far on the set up alone. That is just a rough estimate tho.
  4. yea u can turn mini fridges dressers wardrobe like jugatstuo pc towers crawl space etc
  5. I bought a grow tent bc we move around alot. It cost about 600 man. That is for grow tent carbon filter and dirt containers meters etc.
  6. Check out

    You can get some ideas there for a DIY project
  7. I would advise against growing in your apartment... but that's just my opinion. I've had friends do that before and it wasn't their wisest decision.
  8. grow tent

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