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  1. Getting ready to start my first grow. It's gunna be small, just two LR2 feminized plants for personal use, wanna put my idea out there first. I plan on building a box 9 inches wide 18 inches tall and 18 inches deep. I'll line inside with mylar or just paint it white. I'm going to hang two 100 watt CFL's from the top of the box. I am then going to put an intake and exhaust on the back of the box. The exhaust will run through a homemade carbon filter. the front of the box will have a door on 3 1" hinges. The plants will sit on a drawer that will roll out of the 9 inch door frame.

    I think it is a small tight fit and should grow the LR2's easily. I'm worried about how well the door is going to close. Any suggestions would be great. Building it tonight, pics soon.
  2. I really like this idea... Way to look ahead and be creative.

    How big will your intake/exhaust holes be? I suppose you don't have to worry too much about light leaks with an auto-flowering strain... I'd like to see if you can pull it off in such a small space, and it sounds like you're aware of the challenge ahead. Best of luck m8!

    Edit: Also, will you be able to raise/lower the lights if needed?
  3. I am going to computer fans for intake and exhaust. it's a pretty small box i think those fans will do the job. I just hope the exhaust fan is enough power for the carbon filter. I think the small space is going to work in my advantage because the light will have little place to go, besides the plants. the lights wont be able to move, but i think i'm just going to stack the plants up on something as needed.

    Thanks man, check back im gunna keep updating this.
  4. [​IMG]



    closed, open, and then a shot of the inside of the box. Super Stealth!

    I'm going to use 3 46 watt cfls maybe 4 if the 3 arent doing the trick.

    I havent added the exhaust or intake yet.

    Is that enough lighting for two LR2'S? considering the box is tiny and painted white...

    need as much help and info as possible. Ive done a lot of research and feel prepared to grow some dank nugs, but any help would be great! thanks.
  5. oh also i'm going to put a hinged door on the front to keep light in...Havent decided if im gunna stick with the drawer system...
  6. Good luck on your first grow! :)
  7. I found the auto flowers to be very light dependent. If at all possible I would upgrade to at least a 250w HID. With a remote ballast you have about the same heat issues as the cfls.

    Good Luck, keep em green!
  8. will HID bulbs raise my electric my bill?
  9. Mine only went up 20 bucks with a 250w and a home depot 250cfm inline fan on all the time.

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