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  1. Hey all. Just wanted to share with you a few pictures of my little medical garden. Just picked up these Northern Light #5 clones today from my local buyer's club. They don't look all that great right now, but I'm sure with a little TLC they'll be looking pretty healthy within the next week. I have them under a 400w mh and for soil I'm using an all organic soil with earthworm castings. I hope to keep you all posted with progress. I had a little with the temparture but I've got it down right about 78degrees and 40% humidty. Hopefully it will stay like that.

    I have a question about how much water to use? I watered them today and stuck my index finger in the soil and I didn't feel any dry spots. When should I water them next? Any advice will help :)

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  2. one more..sorry the pictures are so big


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  3. Big...they look pretty

    Are they pre-rooted?

    Cool ...if it doesn't feel dry. Just keep them consistently moist,don't overwater,allow it to wick water from bottom when it needs it,raise the humidity over 50%...

    good luck...have fun

  4. Oh I meant the pictures were big not the clones. Yah they are pre rooted, they made sure before they gave them to me. I've been misting them with a spray bottle, they seem to be doing better, I'm already seeing some new growth. How can I raise the humidty? It's still around 40%. Soil is still moist though, can stick my index finger in there and it's moist all the way to my knuckle. I gotta say I'm since I started these I've been in such a good mood, every time I go in there and take care of or just look at them. Just gives me this really warm feeling inside, only other thing to do that to me is Ganjaphish. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

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