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    made a box out of some therma something from home depot.
    made with foam and lines with brown paper and reflective material
    its suppose to act as a insulator for homes.
    so i made a 3ft high and 3x2.5 feet box.

    3 weeks after being germinated

    using 6 23 actual watts CFLs

    fox farms ocean

    and 8 random strains

    how can i tell what is a good strain?
    are there characteristics i should look out for?

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  2. God man this is your first ever grow?

    How much did this cost you?

  3. lol yes i like to jump into things.

    off the top of my head.
    the therma- boxing 3x18.. 54
    6pack of 23 actual w cfl 10?
    sockets 6x1.50... 10
    buckets from osh 2.50x6... 15
    fox farms soil 3x13... 39
    copperwire... 3

    seeds free

    total 131

    thanks for making me actually think about it lol.
  4. it looks pretty small for 3 weeks
  5. those are looking fine. I just started my first indoor grow like 2 weeks ago. They are just as tall as yours but leafs are not nearly as full. I still gotta make my box for them now right now i just have a white towel over them keeping the light in.
  6. update.

    so here they are at 5.5 weeks.

    they are at about 5-7 solid tiers tall

    a little than a foot is where they all stand.

    all are growing the same.

    i was planning on doing LST but i think it is to late now.

    as you can tell by the picture, i am out of room.

    i do not know what to do? start flowering? or trash?

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  7. plants will double to triple in size once you start flowering, so you need to take that into consideration when starting out next cans till LST and TOP these ones! you may be able to save more than you think! but switch to 12/12 TODAY!!! i will keep an eye on this grow to see!

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