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  1. My setup is one 60W cfl (working on a second), no "grow room" just in a closet, no ventilation (working on that)... I just have one plant and i'm not sure of the strain, I got the seed off of a friend.

    I have pictures of the 2nd and 3rd days out of the soil but they aren't uploading so i'll try later.

    My plant seems to have a long stem, I'm wondering if I might need some more soil around it, also, I know you can't really tell how much a plant will yeild until the time comes but I'm wondering on average how much more do you get when you LST?
  2. Is that 60 actual watts or 60watt equivalent? Go by the actual wattage and not the equivalent. Regardless you are going to want more light than that (at least an actual 100w per plant). To help with your long stem, you need enough light close enough to prevent stretching. With CFLs you should be able to get within a couple inches or so. A fan blowing on it will help strengthen it and circulate the air so it won't become stagnant.

    As far as LST and yield, I can't give you a percentage, but in my experience it helps with yield significantly.

  3. 60 actual watts, I'm going to get another one soon just waiting for my plant to get a little bigger. I have the light about 2.5in from plant and also working on a fan (or at least ventilation of some type). Thanks!
  4. Ventilation is your priority right now. That's enough light for a baby, but without fresh air it will get heat stressed and won't breath necessary CO2, both will stress and stunt its growth.

    What soil are you using and what type of container? Watering schedule? pH?

    Good luck on your new adventure.
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    The soil is just soil I found in my basement already in a pot, the pot is just a clay flower pot, about 8in diameter. I don't have much of a watering schedule, just when the top layer of soil feels dry, once every couple of days. and no idea about the ph!... Roughin' it for this grow!
  6. Here are some pics of day 5 (today)... I just tried to upload the pics from each day but I realized it wasn't working because they're all too big...

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  7. They look great.

    How long do you plan on vegging them? If you can wait for them to get really big, I would suggest transplanting to something 3 gallon min, at least 2 weeks before you start 12/12.

    Also you have to start feeding it nutes soon. Maybe in another 2 or 3 weeks.

  8. Thanks! Vegging for 6-8 weeks is the plan!
  9. Day 6!

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  10. How often should I be watering?... I have been doing it every second day, is that too much?
  11. For young plants especially, I think you need to let the soil dry out in between waterings. Helps the roots grow and stay free of mold and algae. Having stronger more developed roots is important for growth.

    Poke your finger 2 inches down, if it feels moist, leave it be another day and test again. If your finger comes up clean without the feeling of any moisture, then you're good to water.

    That's what I did with my young ones.
  12. Ok, thanks, i'll try that
  13. Haven't been on here in ages and I have a few new pics to put up as soon as I get them off of my camera, my plant is coming along great though!... I was just wondering, about how long does it usually take before you can tell the sex of a plant, and if its a male... is all hope lost, or can I still make some hash or something... keeping in mind this is my only plant so i'm not worried about messing up a crop or anything
  14. Here are some old pics, new pics, and some pics of the old leaves yellowing... Can anyone tell me why the leaves are doing this and how I can help it... I'm currently watering with water mixed with half the recommended amount of Miracle Grow ( 24-8-16 ).

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  15. The New pics

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  16. i'll take a look, thanks
  17. After doing some reading I think my plants have nute burn... I started feeding too early and too often.
  18. ya something I am afraid of doing myself actually being a new grower myself. It's better to under fertilize a little bit and come up w a lower quality bud then to over fertilize and kill your plant. So basically, if I am correct, you should just flush your plants and try to get rid of all the salts, and then go on your merry way.
  19. My plan exactly!... I'm going to wait it out a couple of weeks before I feed her (I hope) again and i'm going to mix the ferts really weak, just in case

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