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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by iheartmyhonda94, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. what up guys im working on my first grow and now that everything is coming togeather i figured i would post it up. my work area is 7ft tall x 4.5 long and 2 ft wide, i broke it up 3ft up so i can have a veg area.
    the veg area has 2 4ft flour fixtures with 4 plant bulbs. i have ten plants goin and some clones i was working on there all females

    For the flowering i am orderin my light tom, im gonna go with a 600w hps with a cooltube so the temps dont get to hot and i have an a/c unit in the room to keep temps down
  2. lookin good so far bro

    good choice with the 600 hps got one myself, and a cooltube would be even better, you can get the light right next to the plants giving maximum lumens to them

    gd luck with it

    nice pics also lol
  3. Fuck yea! Fishing! I love fishing"
  4. haha yea fishin is the shit im bout out of it getting ready for deer season tho, gotta wait till thursday to order my lamp now but i got some mylar on the way cant wait to get these girls goin.
  5. ordered my light last night should be here on sat cant wait once i get these girls goin

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