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    The Grow:

    Plants : 2 Mystery Clones
    Bulb: 1 150 Watt High Pressure Sodium
    Medium: Safeway Flower Soil
    Containers: 3Gal Pot for each plant
    Fertilizer: Miracle-Grow Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

    Just started flowering cycle yesterday. Still need to make the area completely light proof. In a closet right now.

    The Story:
    These were my cousins plants. They were his first indoor grow. He had six plants, that were given to him as clones from his friend. Well, about a week ago, he gets pulled over on his bike and arrested for possession. This happens to be his 3rd probation violation, and since he was carrying over an ounce, it's a Felony Charge. So He's going to be locked up for a while. Anyway, he had me go to his house and "dispose" of the plants, and get all his equipment and smoking pieces from his house. Naturally I couldn't pass up this opportunity. But I didn't feel the need for six plants. So I took the two healthiest looking plants, and set up everything in my closet. Voila, free grow setup. My cousins tragedy turns into my blessing. He claims to have been growing strains called, Monster, Train Wreck, and Northern Lights. I do not know which strains the 2 I took were.

    BTW: I realize these are not the optimal conditions/setup. I don't want to spend much money in this, because it's my first grow, and I'm unemployed and broke. Depending on how this grow turns out, will determine if I do another grow.
  2. keep in veg if the area aint light proof, else youll get hermies

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