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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by burninheavy420, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. what up i juz joined this forum cuz i juz started growing and have some questions. Im growing the strain ice and i started off with MG organic potting mix. I had moisture control but after reading some posts i had to buy somethin different, too bad all i could find was some other MG mix. Will this mix cause me problems? In the next couple days im gonna go buy some earth juice grow cuz i juz found out about a hydro store near me and i need some help w/root development. Right now i have 4 cfl 26w (100w equiv) on my 2 1 week old seedlings. I keep the door open a lil bit to the closet w/a fan blowing in and another fan pointed towards the lights to keep it cool. Is it too early to starting adding stuff like earth juice? Any advice would help, thanks!

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  2. No. MG organic gets some favorable reviews around the city.

    Yes. Way, waaay too early.

    Read through some sticky threads a few times.
  3. thanks man..How long should i wait to start adding stuff into the watering mix for root development?

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