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  1. Started my first grow with a 4x4 gorilla tent. I have a cloudline Inline 4” fan with a built in humidity and temperature controller for the exhaust. I’m using a fluence spydr 2p fixture to light the tent up. And I decided to use a 1:1 blend of foxfarm ocean mix/happy frog. In half the pots and a 420 soil mix from a local hydro supply. Today is day 17 since I potted my clones and any advice or live is much appreciated

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  2. That looks nice now, but it's going to get very crowded in there very soon....even if you start flowering now.
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  3. I was planning for a 28 day veg I also took out the tiny yellow guy to make room it’s day 17 now whatever happens it will be noted
  4. We all are learning everyday and we all grow allot or little differently .
    I have 2 plants per 4x8 tent .

    My Guess is your plants get bunched up together and then you have issues with insects and powdery mildew .
    Good luck
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  5. I keep hearing that I have too many plants I think I’m going to switch to flower Ina couple days lesson learned
  6. That seems to be very crowded. I haven’t done more than 2 plants in my 4x4. Good luck

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  7. I do 4, but perpetual. Add 2, then wait 4 weeks and add 2 more. So the last 2 added are small enough and by the time they need more space, the first two come out. Fifo rotation lol.
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  8. Yupp when u flower most strains double to tripple in height n fill in nicely I do 3 plants in 4x4 n its packed.
  9. This is 4 for a 4x4 didnt even veg 6 weeks

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  10. Looks good I think based on what I’m hearing I’m going to waitchbto flower on day 21 it’s on day 17 now
  11. Yeah, you really don't want to get a jungle like this going on...That was a Pain in the Ass.
    DSCN0257.JPG DSCN0256.JPG
    Lesson learned !
  12. That makes more sense.

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