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  1. hi all! First time grower here. Wanted to get your opinions on my progress. I am running 2 hg 260 xl in a 4x4. I have them both turned down to equal one board right now for veg. I had them about 30 in or so but i think it was a little too close because the nodes look too tight too me am i right? Also i over watered in the beginning and 3 of my plants have made a full recovery but one of the wedding cake ones the bottom leaves still look a little rough. Anyways here are the girls. Hopefully lol they are all feminized and like i said 2 are wedding cake and 2 are gelat. Og. I just transplanted 2 days ago and tomorrow they will be 2 weeks from sprout.

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  2. I should add that after seeing how close the nodes were growing and after transplanting i backed the lights up to 36 inch. Also i am growing organically in super soil with mycorrhizae. I am testing out water two of them are getting R/O water. 2 are getting a mix of filtered and left out for over 24 hour tap with some r/o because the tap tested over 300 tds. And i just gave some unsulphered molasses 1tsp to 1 gal
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  3. Also meant hlg 260w led lights. Sorry typing on phone lol
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  4. nodes look tight cuz but the look of the fat leaves it has a lot of Afghani strain in there ,,looking like a good plant mate .its going to be a a lovely plant,,,mac,,
  5. i loved growing my gelat.og i harvested in feb this year they was beautiful plants for sure my profile pic is 1 of colas from them :)
  6. From seedsman?
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  7. yes indeed
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  8. Yeah i couldnt resist they looked beautiful. Super excited about them. Even more excited about the wedding cake though. What kind of training did you do for yours? They seem like super strong resilient plants im going to top and lst one and try mainlining the other. As for the wedding cakes i think im going to only top and lst those.
  9. a technique called lazy :) 1 of mine went purple and im not just on about the buds the fan leaves was purple the buds was purple the smell they produce is simply delicious its very moreish and a very strong hardy strain too
  10. 6B554528-325C-4C35-A75E-3A93505D3B5C.jpeg FDBAB81C-20B3-4F28-BA62-F53A87307153.jpeg Ok so they are coming along nicely. Been pondering the training im going to be giving these girls. I think im going to just lst one of each. (1 of the wedding cake and 1 gelat. Og. And these 2 girls that are looking a little better i am thinking i will top and lst? What do you guys think?
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  11. E5DE121E-91E4-4F27-A881-F8871AD029C5.jpeg My fav of the 4 so far! :love:;wub: Stinky as hell already lol.
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  12. image.jpg Ok so after doing lst do i remove the fan leaves on the side i bent down?
  13. C796D84F-8149-4618-BF4E-54FBEBB4FA33.jpeg 69598ECC-661E-4F88-B001-29C96A5F52D9.jpeg F2738982-8A4D-4774-BD35-BF8A87612C00.jpeg AED366C3-236F-493D-A99F-A4024891BA40.jpeg UPDATE. Hi again guys. Have done a bit of LST and topping. Doing a few different techniques to try them out. Here they are. They are VERY bushy and tightly spaced with their nodes. I just did some more lst so a couple look a little man handled
  14. I don’t know if they look just manhandled to me brother.. almost looks like they’re being overwatered/suffocated -not 100% sure bud
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  15. I legit JUST watered them
  16. I’m not sure of all your environment conditions, but it looks like either overwatering, high humidity, and/or not enough oxygen
  17. Not saying it’s all of those or even one, but that could be why it looks a little scraggly. Nothing you can’t fix, just gotta find out what’s it is exactly.
  18. Oh yeab that makes more sense then i had the fan off while i was in there working on them and watering. Humidity was well over 80% for a little bit its down to its normal 65-70 now
  19. Looks good that’s 2 great strains man. LST is the way to go quick recovery and doesn’t slow down growth for too long. You’ll have a lot of colas comin off those plants.
  20. Hey, thanks man! Yeah i am pretty excited about these strains. I actually topped 3 of the 4 one i am doing only lst. Do you top when you lst?

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