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    Hey guys ive posted a few times about different setups i wanted.
    But this time i think ive finally decided.
    Im thinking of getting this
    480W QB288 4 QB KIT, 3500k+660nm
    Dimmable, from a chinese supplier for half the price on the same HLG light.
    For a 4x4 tent.

    What are your thoughts? Has anyone else bought QBs from alibaba? If so please post pictures id like to see ur grow


    Just bought 2x Hlg Driver V2 Osrams Oslon Ssl Deep Red 3030 Smd Qb288 Lm301b Mix 660nm Quantum Board Plant Grow Light - Buy Lm301b 660nm Quantum Board,Osrams 660nm Quantum Board,Oslon 660nm Lm301b Led Product on

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  2. Alibaba has been around for a while and is pretty reputable but I haven't used it myself. Do you have a link to the specs for that light? Do they show the spectrum that this light emits? That is one of the most important factors. This is the light I chose off Amazon after a few hours of searching through the garbage LED's on sale there.
    800W COB LED Grow Light

    I can't really give you my thoughts on that light unless I see all the specs.
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  3. Im running the knock off "HLG 550 V2" and love it. Its basically the same as what you want with the exception of the red lights.
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  4. I was thinking of getting this but I ended up buying HLG 288. Let us know how good it is! if you have a light meter that would be amazing lmao
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